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Blue Fin Seafood Cafe

Monday, October 11, 2010Me! In words

A few days ago I happened to come across a review of a restaurant called Blue Fin Sea Food Cafe. The review spoke highly of its prawn and fish offerings. What caught my eye was the mention of prawn burger. Sudhakar loves fish based burgers. This restaurant is in the atrium of 5th Avenue Mall on Brigade road and is walking distance for him. I told him he just had to try the place.

Imagine my surprise the next day when I get a message from the owner of Blue Fin, inviting us for a meal. And that's where we headed one Sunday afternoon. The restaurant is brand new, so there is not much that you can find online about, which made this meal all the more interesting. We were met by Bala who introduced us to the fare on offer.

When you are at a seafood restaurant, you would want to try everything on the menu... sample these name - Karaikudi Prawns, Rechaedo Fish Fillets, Chowringhee Prawns, London Fish n Chips... and more. Just the thought makes your mouth water. Bala brought for us, a sampling of everything on offer. So the images you see here are not the actual proportions you will get. Prawns are generally served as six to a plate and fish fillets as three to a plate. And here is what you can sink your teeth into. 

For starters we were given a choice of Crab cutlets, Shrimp Balls and Prawn Spring Rolls. One thing you must know about this menu is that is has a choice of seafood that is representative of popular fish preparations. For the Indian palate you have flavors from Goa, Mangalore, Calcutta and the Chettinad of  Tamil Nadu . There is also an American and Oriental version to the food here. Now... coming back to the starters. They are served piping hot and should be eaten that way. Each of these make perfect weekend party finger food and a zap in the micro is all they need when you take away. 

The crab cutlets were filled with real crab and not just some fake version. Only the real deal here. The Shrimp Balls you can pop into your mouth in one shot. The fact that you get real shrimp bits and not just a mash mixed with something else makes every mouthful nice. The same can be said for the Prawn spring rolls - whole bits of fresh prawn. The spicing is mild enough to give you a good taste without actually overpowering the seafood component.   

Left to right - Crab cutlets, Shrimp Balls, Prawn Spring Rolls

Next we were brought London Fish n Chips. So far this is the only place I have seen that makes an effort to serve Fish n Chips with a small cup of vinegar on the side. This is the way it is served in the more traditional parts of England. You dip a piece of batter fried fish into the cup and then into the vinegar and the thick mayo on the side and chomp away. From what I have read, malt vinegar is used as is pickled onion vinegar... but white does a good job as well. You can also sprinkle it over your fish instead of dipping each bite. We also ordered takeaway once of the same dish and the chips are slab cut and fried, not the processed version.  

2 of the 3 slices of London Fish n Chips

Next came some prawns... Butter garlic prawns, this is for those who don't like spice too much and is one of the best ways to savor really fresh prawns. Since each of the prawns comes with the tail on, make full use of it to mop up the gravy. In this case, you get a good taste of garlic and butter. Next came the total opposite, Karaikudi prawns, very Indian, very spicy and totally delish! Every prawn has been well coated with the masala and the seasoning of curry leaves makes it complete. Malpe Prawns were next with their signature coastal masala mix of ghee, chilli, jeera and mustard... ghee works its magic on this dish

R to L - Malpe Prawns, Karaikudi Prawns, Butter Garlic Prawns

L to R - Honey Chilli Prawns, Serangoon Prawns

Another plate of prawns had on it a Honey Chilli version and Serangoon Prawns. What I liked about these dishes were that each of them were distinctly flavored. Its not like having boiled prawns dumped into gravies but rather having each prawn cooked well with its gravy. Honey and Chilli are distinct in the dish giving you that hot and sweet twist. The Serangoon Prawns are black pepper based and pack a punch. 

For all those spicy dishes the perfect balance is got with the cold Kokum drink on offer. Make sure you keep it coming when you go in for the spicy dishes. Also if you want to make a complete meal of these prawns or fish fillet offerings you can also for a meal combo which comes in addition to each prawn or fish dish. This will have rice, a sardine curry (sans any tiny bones and absolutely great) and a Kerala parota. 

Kokum Drink

Meal Combo

Now for some fish... we were served fillets in Rechaedo gravy and a Chowringhee fish. The Rechaedo was typically Goan with the twang of vinegar and chilli quite evident. The Chowringhee fish was dunked in a great mustard based gravy. I liked it so much that I also had a prawn version of it as well. The fillets are big and three fillets and a meal combo for an office desk lunch can ensure you some shut eye.  

Chowringhee fish above
Rechaedo fish below

Chowringhee Prawns

And if all of this is not enough we also had a Prawn Burger. These are decently sized for an individual portion. The prawn burger has actual pieces of prawns in it and not just mash, which often makes you doubt how much of prawn is actually in it. Take a look below. 

Prawn burger and below... the prawn bits 

Blue Fin Sea Food Cafe is an interesting place for those who love their seafood. Its in mall, so don't go there expecting a fine dining concept. Its a simple, no-frills cafe that serves up some great stuff. The prices are reasonable with a prawn or fish fillet dish and a meal combo setting you back by approximately Rs 150. The variety on offer has something for everyone when it comes to taste, though vegetarians will have to steer clear. Ample choice for party finger foods. There are no desserts as of now... and that is being worked on. Am sure the office crowd around will enjoy the offerings of this place as well. The restaurant is in the atrium and seats around 40. The loo is that of the mall, on the first floor and so-so. The photos in the slide show are by Sanjay Ramachandran

Address: Atrium, 5th Avenue, Brigade Road, Bangalore
Phone: 65593337
Cuisine: Sea food
Cards Accepted: NO 
Wallet factor: Rs 500 for two
Parking: Nothing exclusive 

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