The Weekend Raid Party

The Weekend Raid 7- Iftaar Raid at Paani Kam Chai - Late, but its here

Monday, October 04, 2010Sudhakar

Project: The Weekend Raid - Mission 7

Mission: Explore and conquer VFM eateries (Iftaar Special)
Point of Conquest - Paani Kam Chai, Frazier Town
Raiders on mission - Santosh, Suhas, Kartik, Sudhakar

Overview of Ground Zero: Every year during the holy month of ramzan, M M Road in Frazier town turns into a food circus of sorts. Last year I raided the very same place. I ate like I was fasting the whole day.Paani Kam Chai is one of the most popular joints for iftaar during these days

The Conquest: I was running late. The iftaar raid was already late by a week!! the previous week it had rained so bad the city had come to a stand still and the following week I had a concert at Herbs'n'Spice, Indiranagar. So I had to squeeze the raid before soundcheck. This was going to be hard but I had made up my mind that the raid will happen and my men won't go hungry!! The rendezvous was to be at Barista, Frazier town but by the time I left home it was getting late. So I decided to head straight to Paani Kam Chai and call the raiders there directly. Rajat and Sharada were already in Frazer town, waiting for me but since, I was running late they decided to go ahead and start their raid anyway. But Santosh, Suhas and Kartik joined me as soon as I got there....and then began the raid. Below are the spoils and ruins of the raid!!

When the country is trying to keep a straight face after the verdict on the Ayodhya Babri Masjid case, I'd like to turn everyone's attention to the festivals we all celebrate. We are a country who eagerly wait for festivals like Eid, Diwali and Christmas because (lets face it) we love the food that comes with it. So think again- is the tension really worth it? 

I had to leave before the raid was completely over. Santosh, Suhas and Kartik couldn't get enough. They stayed back to relish some more. Here you can find Kartik's report on the raid.

Raid in progress!! (We can do this every year!!!)

The joy of giving!!

Chicken Haleem

Fritters, Puffs and Croissants

Kaadi Murgh

Tawa Gosht

Caramel Pudding

L to R: Santosh, Kartik, Suhas.
Behind the camera: Sudhakar
Address:M M Road, Perpendicular to Mosque Street, Frazer Town, Bangalore. 
Cuisine: Tandoori, Mughalai
Wallet factor: Rs 150 for two
Cards Accepted: No
Parking: Street. You have to be lucky.

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