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Tuesday, December 14, 2010Me! In words

Braai is Afrikaans for grilled meat or for the process of grilling. Like many other words that English has adopted from various languages, this too has found a place in the dictionary. Braai is diagonally opposite Garuda Mall and on the first floor. A little easy to miss, so keep your eyes peeled. The door to Braai is a massive black and gold number and opens out to a pretty big restaurant with low seating with ethnic cushions and motifs.

There was seating by the window side with view of Garuda and the oceans of traffic, but that was reserved for a larger group of people due to come in later. Once seated we began to look around. On first look, the place looks fine, but look a little closer and you see chipped paint, open electrical points and the area behind the cashier's counter looks like a dumpyard of sorts. That having been said, Braai has attempted to work their decor, but failed to highlight it well. What I really loved was the fact that the ceiling was like a massive bangle holder. Glass bangles of many colors stretched across the expanse. I would love to know how many were used. There was also a stray set of Rajasthani dolls on one wall. At the end of the restaurant was a model of a truck which will definitely fascinate kids and a great view into the kitchen. You get to look in only if you are seated at that part of the restaurant.  

The glass bangle covered ceiling

The seating by the window

Braai has a buffet and the a la carte going on side by side and we opted for the menu. We went in for two starters - Chicken and Cheese Sheek Kebabs and the Mutton Sheek. While we waited, we were given complimentary jal jeera. While the first sip was great, the next sip drives in how much chaat powder is there in it. It was enough to scratch your throat on the way down. Both the kebabs were decent without being brilliant. Not really sure if there was an cheese in the chicken one though. 

The Jal Jeera 

Chicken and Cheese Sheek Kebabs

Mutton Sheek Kebab

For main courses, we decided on a chicken biryani for Anoushka, which was really nice. It could have done without the handful of mint leaves on top, but the taste was pleasant and the portion good enough for two. We ordered for ourselves butter garlic naan and methi chicken. The naan was soft with toasted bits of garlic in there. Each naan was cut into three pieces and so there was quite a bit. The methi chicken went well enough with the naan. It had all the ingredients to make it good enough to have - lots of oil, onion-tomato-garlic base, in all probability thickened with a bit of almond paste and topped off with coriander. I wouldn't put it all the way up there with the greats, but its way above the worse of the lot.

Chicken biryani

The garlic butter naan

Methi Chicken

The service at Braai is prompt enough. They make a strong attempt to keep you happy, but tend to forget small things like the chutney for kebabs, or water for the table or even spoons and forks to eat with, after setting the food on the table. The buffet is of two varieties and is on the lines of the offerings at a Barbeque Nation. You can opt for the limitless starters version or the 4-starter version. Its a place that is trying to get it right and is doing a decent enough job. It still has some of the road to cover though. This restaurant is on the roster of Dineclub (click on the link above to get yourself a card) and you get a 50% off on the a la carte. We ended up paying just Rs 250 for the meal, so you can do the math.

Address: #7 Shubham, Magrath Road, Diagonally opp. Garuda Mall, Bangalore 
Phone: 32444108
Cuisine: Indian, Buffet
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Nope... no luck with that

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