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Casablanca - The Pride Hotel

Friday, December 03, 2010Me! In words

I liked Pride Hotel a lot the first time we went there for a wedding reception. The food was of course catered by the hotel and it was really nice. Good choices by the bride and groom, but all really well done. I had seen that they had a restaurant called Cafe Treat on the ground floor which went on our list. Cafe Treat was a buffet place largely. Then I read somewhere that they had an a la carte restaurant which did some a decent review or two. And that's how we ended up there one Saturday afternoon.

The restaurant is on the first floor and occupies quite a large space. A section of it overlooks the lobby. The place was empty and that's always makes one's eyebrow go up a bit. But anyways, we settled down and were handed the menus. They are not really well thought of. They are designed to look like photo albums of yore. The narrow slits on either side for the leaflet. While these are good for sturdier photos, they are useless for thinner leaflets like this menu was. And the thing literally came off in our hands. We requested for one we could manage easier and were given the same menu in a while, with the leaflets fixed back in - only in a completely jumbled manner. Desserts in the beginning, starters at the end and the like. 

Anyways, we put that behind us and ordered - a beer for Sudhakar and a Mojito for me. Nothing can go wrong with bottled beer. The Mojito looked fine for starters and then I realized there were undissolved sugar crystals and was a touch more potent than is good for a weekend afternoon lunch .... hmmm. 

Beer with complimentary crisps


We didn't really feel like starters and went straight to main courses. A Chicken Biryani for junior, a Chicken Mombasa sizzler for Sudhakar and a pasta for me. I asked for spaghetti in a tomato based sauce (can't really remember the name) with chicken. Now the Chicken Biryani really was nice. The meat had been marinated, the masalas were well infused and the rice was perfectly done. Junior did justice to the bowl, which says a lot considering that feeding her is a task that even Hercules would run away from.

Chicken Biryani

The sizzler too had the right amount of sizzle and was perfectly portioned for one person. There were potato wedges and boiled veggies on the side. I personally felt though that the onion rings on top were meant for some other dish in the kitchen by ended up on the sizzler. I love tomato based pastas, but this was a complete tomato harvest on one plate. The pasta was thin and almost vermicelli like and after a while, I just got bored with it and parceled for my work day lunch. 

Chicken Mombasa sizzler


The view from our table

Overall, the experience was not exactly unpleasant. There are a few hits and misses and I guess you will enjoy your food depending on what you order. Customizing your dish is not really a thing here. The loo is a fair distance from the restaurant but clean. Casablanca is on Dine Club's roster for a 25% discount on the overall bill. Click on the widget on top if you want to know more. This meal came to around Rs 1000 after the discount.

Address: The Pride Hotel, #93, Residency Road 
Phone: 2211270
Cuisine:Continental, Indian
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Valet

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