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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Peppa Zzing

It had been a while since we were in the Safina Plaza/Commercial Street area. And since we were there, we thought of checking this new place called Peppa Zzing. Its a small place done up in red and yellow with sliding glass doors. The menu is a small one with burgers being the mainstay along with some pastas, wings, shakes and fries. There is a reason why the menu here is small... the burgers ensure that you have precious little space when it comes to ordering something else. Unless of course you have access to some tummy-on-hire service.

The burgers at Peppa Zzing come in regular, Monster Burgers and the Whammy burgers. Despite my size, I pride myself on the fact that I have a great appetite. But that day, we went there on a semi-full tummy (regret, regret) and so we started off with a strawberry shake and some chicken and cheese fries. Strawberry shake was nice and the chicken and cheese - hot, gooooey and right on the button. It also did a spectacular job of taking up precious tummy real estate. 

The red and yellow interiors

The strawberry shake

Chicken and Cheese fries

Of course, it had to be burgers for main course. I had the Peppa Zzing burger (regular). This came with the works - mushrooms, mustard onions, an omelet and wafers on the size. Oh yes! and cheese.  This was how much was sandwiched between the buns. And this, in the Monster and Whammy gets progressively larger in terms of diameter and amount of space to be filled in. We didn't order the Whammy burgers, but take a look at Karthik's review and you will see what you are up against.  

The Peppa Zzing burger

Sudhakar had the regular chicken burger and that was just as yummy. Anoushka of course settled for her starch fix and had french fries. Now this is one place I want to visit again. I know I don't stand a chance with the Whammy burger, but no harm in trying. For those working in the area, Peppa Zzing also has delivery.

Chicken burger

French Fries

For those of you who love Cafe Thulp, this a place to visit. After a shopping spree on Commercial Street, this is also the perfect place to top up on that energy for the next round. The food is great, the ambiance pleasant. The restaurant doesn't have an exclusive loo and you will need to depend on the one in the building, but its clean enough. A meal for two is around within Rs 500.

Address: G-18, Kedia Arcade, 92, Infantry Road, Bangalore 
Phone: 41232843
Cuisine: Fast Food, burgers
Cards Accepted: Not when we went there... maybe now
Parking: All the best with that


Rahul said...

Dear Sudhakar
Have a been a regular reader of your blog and a avid foodie myself. In fact you blog is something which I had always wanted to do but then ..well some other day :-)

I really do not know how to put this across but i would try and hope you both would take it in the right spirit.

In every review I do notice the fact that Anoushka has mostly French fries or some other fries.I do understand that kids love fries or for example any other junk food.But then don we all know the results of such a diet in kids?.We always tend to think that obesity is the only problem related to junk food and tend to ignore the other effects life (raise in cholesterol levels,impaired kidney etc ...i know you can do the Google yourself).

A kids food habits can easily go for a toss and the long term effects are not pleasant.So a little bit of encouragement in choosing the healthier alternative can slowly tune the preferences towards a healthier consumption pattern.

I am sorry again to put this here but then i did not know which other way to do it.This has come out of a genuine concern and i wish it to be taken in the same way .


Bangalore's Restaurants said...

Dear Rahul
I have chosen to reply to your comment on behalf of Sudhakar and I. Thank you for your concern and I want you to know it is appreciated.

That having been said, one of the things I haven't really felt necessary to mention on the blog is that very rarely does Anoushka make an entire meal out of a visit to a restaurant. In 99% of the cases, she is fed at home since her timings are much earlier that what we as adults are used to. What she eats in restaurants is mainly something to keep her busy. And almost always, the dish ordered for her is packed for home.

Also, our restaurant visits are limited to just weekends, which roughly makes four meals out, if we choose to. Again, she is largely fed good, simple home cooked food spanning the entire spectrum. Being a child, I believe she needs to be exposed to what we call junk as well. Though limits are something that I as a mother am extremely conscious about and enforce.

When french fries are ordered for her, rarely does she manage to down 4 to 5 of them following which they are left to turn soggy.

We love to experiment with eating out, but trust me, it will never ever be at the cost of our child's health. Thanks for your concern Rahul. Again I say that is has been taken in good spirit. Am sure its been something that a lot of people might have wondered.


PS: Thanks for the compliments on the blog. I try :)

Rahul said...

I am very happy to see that this has been taken in the right spirit and thanks for the reply.I do share the same passion and interest in trying out newer places and cousines.

Karthik Shetty said...

Tch tch... I, being a tiny being when compared to Sudhakar (size and appetite), finished the whammy all by myself in one sitting. Take up the challenge I say! :)

Babushka said...


I just came across your blog through a friend. Been wanting to try out Peppa Zing and will do asap! Lookin forward to more reviews till then! :)

myblah said...

Yet to recover from the monster lamb burger. I and Sudhakar managed to finish the monster but chester had to pack good part of his zzing burger. So yes, size does matter. ;)


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