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Peppa Zzing

Thursday, December 16, 2010Me! In words

It had been a while since we were in the Safina Plaza/Commercial Street area. And since we were there, we thought of checking this new place called Peppa Zzing. Its a small place done up in red and yellow with sliding glass doors. The menu is a small one with burgers being the mainstay along with some pastas, wings, shakes and fries. There is a reason why the menu here is small... the burgers ensure that you have precious little space when it comes to ordering something else. Unless of course you have access to some tummy-on-hire service.

The burgers at Peppa Zzing come in regular, Monster Burgers and the Whammy burgers. Despite my size, I pride myself on the fact that I have a great appetite. But that day, we went there on a semi-full tummy (regret, regret) and so we started off with a strawberry shake and some chicken and cheese fries. Strawberry shake was nice and the chicken and cheese - hot, gooooey and right on the button. It also did a spectacular job of taking up precious tummy real estate. 

The red and yellow interiors

The strawberry shake

Chicken and Cheese fries

Of course, it had to be burgers for main course. I had the Peppa Zzing burger (regular). This came with the works - mushrooms, mustard onions, an omelet and wafers on the size. Oh yes! and cheese.  This was how much was sandwiched between the buns. And this, in the Monster and Whammy gets progressively larger in terms of diameter and amount of space to be filled in. We didn't order the Whammy burgers, but take a look at Karthik's review and you will see what you are up against.  

The Peppa Zzing burger

Sudhakar had the regular chicken burger and that was just as yummy. Anoushka of course settled for her starch fix and had french fries. Now this is one place I want to visit again. I know I don't stand a chance with the Whammy burger, but no harm in trying. For those working in the area, Peppa Zzing also has delivery.

Chicken burger

French Fries

For those of you who love Cafe Thulp, this a place to visit. After a shopping spree on Commercial Street, this is also the perfect place to top up on that energy for the next round. The food is great, the ambiance pleasant. The restaurant doesn't have an exclusive loo and you will need to depend on the one in the building, but its clean enough. A meal for two is around within Rs 500.

Address: G-18, Kedia Arcade, 92, Infantry Road, Bangalore 
Phone: 41232843
Cuisine: Fast Food, burgers
Cards Accepted: Not when we went there... maybe now
Parking: All the best with that

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