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Wednesday, January 12, 2011Me! In words

I first read heard about Gustoes from a weekly paper called City Buzz. Found an ad for the restaurant and was surprised I hadn't heard about it considering it was so close to home. Gustoes is near KIMS Hostel and is an imposing enough structure, you won't be able to miss it. It has a cowboy western salon meets artsy gallery setting. Huge beams of wood criss-cross the outside white facade. Inside, you have the floor covered in wooden slates with low cushioned stool and sofa seating. 

There is also the makings of a fish spa on the ground floor and a pool table and restaurant seating on the floor above. Overall a massive place in terms of seating. Hookah is available at Gustoes and contrary to what I thought, there wasn't a drinks menu but I believe wine is now available. It is largely a cafe with a fairly decent menu.

We began with the Triple Sec Soda. It sounded real different and the thought of the bitters in a soda... I don't why we thought it would be interesting, but we did. When it did come, it looked pretty much like a lighter version of soda and the triple sec was minimal if any. Don't know if it was meant to be that way, but there was nothing really unique about the drink. I had the strawberry milkshake, in a really tall glass and that was very Corner House like. Nice!

Triple Sec soda

Strawberry milkshake

To go along with this we had the chicken wings and the french fries. The wings were meaty and the sauce really nice. It was hot, sweet, sour all rolled into one. The french fries were ok too. 

Chicken Wings
French Fries

For Anoushka it was the cheese omelet with toast for lunch. The omelet was thin and didn't have as much cheese as I would have liked it. But knowing my daughter, the "plain" omelet and "plain toast" suited her just fine. I had the Sausage sizzler. This came with three large sausages in pepper sauce, a spiced up rice, mashed potatoes and some sauteed veggies. Sausages are anytime pleasers and this sizzler had all the right ingredients.  I liked it, though I have had better sizzlers than this and worse ones as well. 

Cheese omelet

Sausage sizzler

Sudhakar opted for the spaghetti (actual name I forget). It was a white sauce and chicken. But overall the dish was a trip down disaster lane. The spaghetti was a bit sticky and the sauce bland and lumpy. The liberal amount of chilli powder and flakes sprinkled on top just made it a road accident. Sudhakar abandoned it half way through. For dessert, we had the black forest cake with ice-cream. This was really nice as well. So at least a nice end to a so-so meal.

Spaghetti in white sauce

Black forest cake with ice-cream

Though it was a weekend, the downstairs was empty except for where we warmed the seats. There were a couple of groups of youngsters that went upstairs though. The meal came to around Rs 1100 and I wasn't too happy parting with it for this meal... but nevertheless. The service is efficient, the menu definitely needs to say hello to a spell check. The flatscreens all around will keep you entertained as will the paintings on the walls. The loo is clean. 

Address: #10, College Teachers HBCS, Banashankari, 3rd stage, , Bangalore 
Phone: 26796098
Cuisine: Cafe, Hookah, Sizzlers, Continental
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: A bit tricky here

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