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Stars and Stripes

Monday, January 17, 2011Me! In words

Stars and Stripes should be a familiar sight to those working in around MG Road, Brigade and Residency Road. Its slam opposite Eva Mall and has prominent displays of the American stars and stripes. This may lead you to think that this is an American fast food joint but what it really is a mixed platter. It has seating on the ground and an upper floor. The decor and the tables are unpretentious and good enough to do the job they are meant for. 

Judging by the hordes of people trooping in constantly, I would say the place is a favorite. The menu has the entire gamut of naans, gravies, salads, burgers, biryanis and desserts. All around the resto, you will have find the specials plastered around on printed A-4 sheets. The thing to really eat at Stars and Stripes and which most swear by are the burgers and the chicken biryani. And this is what we had. 

Sudhakar ordered the lamb burger and I the chicken. For junior we ordered the chicken biryani. The burgers here, at least for me, were just the right size. They don't come with fries, but rather with salted chips. The patties in the burgers are thick and a crammed with minced meant. It felt more like the burgers one would make at home with slices of tomatoes and ringlets of onions. The pepper mayo dip made burgers gooey, just the way I like my burgers. 

Lamb Burger

Chicken burger

The chicken biryani was made great by the superlative tangy salan that they provide. The meat is tender and the masala just right, but it is the salan that steals the show. For dessert, we had the caramel custard. When a thick slice was placed before us my heart sank. It looked more like a cake with a caramelized top. But don't go by the looks on this one. The caramel custard may not look like the conventional dessert, but is really tasty. It has a layer of soft custard in between the slice and this makes it all the more yummy. We ended up ordering another slice.

Chicken Biryani and the yummy salan

Caramel Custard

Stars and Stripes is a typical office lunch kind of place. They also deliver and you can parcel for home on the nights you don't want to cook. Getting a place can be difficult considering the kind of crowds that come in, but we were lucky enough. This meal plus two aerated drinks came to around Rs 350 which is really reasonable for two and half people. 

Address: No. 39, St Patrick's complex, Bangalore 
Phone: 25593643
Cuisine: Fast Food, burgers, biryanis
Cards Accepted: Not sure
Parking: Best to park at the Brigade road parking lot

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