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A restaurant that specializes in kebabs and actually makes an entire menu out of it. The thought was very interesting and so when we were invited to Tattv, I did not hesitate. I wanted to see what it was all about. Tattv is another restaurant from the owners of Umerkot in Koramangala. The menu at Tattv is split into 5 styles of cooking and so you have a choice of Sigri, Tandoor, Kadhai, Tava and Curries to choose from. The idea, says Sanjay Tyagi, the Executive Chef is to allow people to make an entire meal of kebabs. Of course for those who would still rather have their curries, the menu has a good choice for you.

In terms of decor, Tattv is designed for fine dining. You  have back-cushioned motif seating and the restaurant can seat around 50 people at a time. You also have a clear view of the kitchen and how your food is prepared. A great thing at Tattv is that your water glasses are color coded - blue for the non-vegetarians and green for the vegetarians. Your preference is asked right at the beginning and the table set accordingly. 

A look at the interiors of Tattv

The paneer Amuse Bouche

While we were getting a feel of the menu, we were served an amuse bouche which came with a coriander puree and yogurt. A flavorful mouthful with the thin crust encasing soft paneer and the chill of the yogurt. It set the stage for what was to come. Since the idea for us was to get a better taste of what was on offer, we asked for a sampler platter, something that would showcase the five types of cooking styles. And so what you see below beginning from the right and going clockwise is the Dahi Kebab, a tasty pocket of yogurt, spices and am not sure what. Next was the Hara Bara kebab, very obviously vegetarian. The rice you see coating it was fried crisp and it gave the soft kebab a nice crunch. The next was a chicken kebab steeped in yogurt and marination spices of coriander, chilli and finished with a dollop of cream and pomegranate seeds. This was really soft and a mouthful you would want more of. And finally the lamb sheekh kebab, spicy and firm it packed a lot of yumm in that thin roll. 

CW beginning right - dahi kebab, hara bhara kebab, Chicken kebab and Lamb sheekh kebab

This was followed by some Teekhi Maach. Fillet of fish marinated in tamarind gravy and tempered with curry leaves in mustard oil. The idea seems to be a move at bringing in local styles of preparation into kebab making and this was one very interesting attempt. The fish was fresh and who can beat the taste of a tamarind marination. 

Teekhi Maach

This was followed by the main courses - Murgh Khurchu and Kareli Rogan Josh with Varqi paratha and Gilafi kulcha. On the side we also had Sabz ki Jugalbandi and Dal Makhani.   

A look at our main course

Sabz ki Jugalbandi, Dal Makhani and Varqi Paratha

Another view of the food

Gilafi Kulcha

The star for me from the choice of main course was the Gilafi Kulcha, the Kareli Rogan Josh and the Sabz ki Jugalbandi. This last was had the vegetables crisp to the point of rawness which made them taste all the more wonderful in the simple tossing they were served in. The Gilafi kulcha was soft as tissue and equally absorbent of the wonderful Kareli Rogan Josh. Junior too enjoyed the kulcha which is saying a lot for the fussy eater that she is. 

And finally the dessert. I was nursing a bad throat and cursing my luck because, we were offered Chocolate gujiya with kulfi. I love kulfi and have generally been jinxed with it. Almost every restaurant I have been to and which served kulfi never seemed to have it when I asked for it. And at Tattv we were being offered it and I couldn't accept. And so husband did the honors and I settled for the gujiya with berry compote. The gujiya is an achievement of sorts for the chef and creator. How he managed to oil-free chocolate inside a gujiya that has been deep fried is amazing. And the taste was great. With the kulfi even better. 

The Chocolate Gujiya with kulfi (above)
With berry compote (below)

Tattv is one of those restaurants you would want to take the family to for a special treat. For office goers in the area, there is a lunch buffet on a reasonable prices. The a la carte menu has a great choice but be prepared for a menu that is more unique than conventional. A meal for two here will cost you Rs 1500 including a drink for each. The loos are located on the floor above and are clean. 

Address: 1st floor, 25/4, Lavelle Road, Above Barista, Bangalore 
Phone: 41552225
Cuisine: Kebabs
Cards Accepted: Yes

Parking: Valet 

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