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We all need to work for a living... I seem to have been doing too much of that lately and that's why the silence on this blog. But this weekend, the growing number of reviews I had made me feel seriously guilty for ignoring my baby and so hopefully I will be able to maintain a steady pace with them.

These are reviews from the year recently gone by. Shiro was on the wishlist for a long time and when our 7th wedding anniversary dawned, we didn't think twice about trying it out. Loads has been written on its decor and the massive Buddha and the water bodies, so am not going to go on about it incessantly. Suffice to say that it is brilliant decor and one that really did set the mood for a day like ours. If you are seeing the Buddha for the first time, you are bound to have your mouth hang open for a few dopey seconds and for those with kids, well it will keep them occupied for a decent amount of time. 

The Buddha bust

We were there for the Japanese food and of course there was going to be sushi and sashimi. We thought some sake to go with it would be a good idea. We were shown several bottles varying between Rs 900 and Rs 2500. A small time out and we decided that we would rather spend on food here than on booze and so settled for some breezers in lime and Jamaican Passion. The wait staff seemed really knowledgeable about the menu. I asked them for a rice and chicken dish in the Thai section, something not too spicy for Anoushka. I really don't remember the name now, but it was a sticky rice with fish and chicken and a soy sauce base. It was hot, not spicy at all but really full of flavor. The rice was definitely cooked in stock and the fish and chicken cut into small bite-sized pieces. Anoushka rarely asks for seconds in a restaurant, this time round there were seconds, thirds and fourths. 

Corona Beers and Breezers (it was the Christmas season,
so the cute reindeer candle stands)

The really nice sticky rice with fish and chicken

And then of course we got down to business - a premium platter of sashimi and a premium platter of sushi. Both are available in a slightly lower-end (if that's what you call it) version with a couple of options less. But the night was to celebrate our 7 years of being with each other - we both deserved a treat and so premium it was. The sashimi was great cuts of Norweigian salmon, crabsticks (the only thing I didn't like - they were imitation crab in the midst of fresh fish), Tuna, Red Snapper, Prawn and Hibachi Tuna. The cuts were great, the wasabi packed a decent wallop and the gari (generous in its presence) made for great palate cleansing in between the slices. I loved the presentation and the quantity for Rs 950 which again made me curse Oko silently under my breath for ruining my birthday. 

Sashimi platter of Norweigian salmon, crabsticks, Tuna, red snapper, 
prawn and hibachi tuna

Next of course came the nigiri sushi platter, this too in premium and for more or less the same price as the sashimi. It came with Norweigian salmon, Prawn tail, Tuna, Red snapper, spicy tuna and mayo in a cucumber wrap and chicken pesto in a cucumber wrap. Again, the cuts of fish were fresh, and while I appreciate the creativity with chicken pesto wrapped in a cucumber to resemble sushi, I would rather have had another red snapper or salmon on my platter. That having been said, there was nothing to fault taste or presentation. 

Sushi nigiri - Norweigian salmon, Prawn tail, Tuna, Red snapper, spicy tuna and
mayo in a cucumber wrap and chicken pesto in a cucumber wrap
Another look below

With this packed away, we still had a teensy bit of space to fill and some prawn tempura it was. Four jumbo prawns tossed in really light tempura batter, fried to delicate crispness and served with a pleasant sauce. I especially loved the crispy noodles with droplets of tempura batter coating it.

Prawn tempura (above and below)

And to wrap it up we had the Chocolate Sushi. Now don't getting all bright ideas here. There was nothing fishy about this desserts. It was chocolate cream flavored with Bailey's, Kahlua and seasonal fruit, wrap in tempered chocolate to look like sushi. Sin on a plate - but then the route to heaven has anyway been a bit of a blur for me.

Chocolate sushi - flavored with baileys, kahlua and seasonal fruit

We loved our meal at Shiro's and have vowed that we will do their Sunday brunch as well. Its a great place for the family as well as for those who want a night out. The bar section and the restaurant have been neatly segregated to ensure that each type of diner doesn't prove to be a spoke in the wheels for others. Service is prompt and the staff knowledgeable. The loos are pristine and with a place like this it would have been a crime otherwise. The meal came to around Rs 3100 but we felt it was money well spent. Make it a point to reserve your table.

Address: 2nd Floor, UB City Mall, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore 
Phone: 41738864
Cuisine: Japanese, Korean
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Parking lot

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