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The Rogue Elephant Terrace Bistro

Monday, March 14, 2011Me! In words

And so here is another review from the year gone by. It was Anoushka's birthday and we wanted to treat ourselves... 4 years of parenthood and grandparenthood (they were visiting). For such occasions we generally try and select places that we are sure will not go wrong and decided to try The Rogue Elephant Terrace Bistro. We have seen the name grow from its first really cozy branch at Ulsoor, to the airy one at Basavangudi and to this massive enterprise here. Through all the expansion, the constant has remained a really nice ambiance and so really good food. 

The Terrace Bistro is in Koramangala and has some really interesting decor. Stone, water, bamboo and a lot of greenery make for a great ambiance, especially on the semi-open air terrace. The slide show below will give you an idea. Once seated we got straight down to business. The menus are an expansion of the other two outlets with some of the classics and a lot of new ones to choose from. I was the only one to opt for a mocktail and now I can't remember the name nor the ingredients... so other than the photo I have zip there. But it was good. 

The drink whose name I forget

For starters we had an Indian one for the grandparents and continental one for us - the parents. Chicken Sheek Kebabs with a mint and yogurt chutney with greens. And a smoked salmon on cream cheese crostini for us. The kebabs had done their time in the marination bowl - that much was evident from the great taste. Just wish they were a little more generous with the thickness of the kebabs. The salmon crostini was an interesting mix of tastes and textures. The slightly ridged fish with the creamy cream cheese and the coarse bread base made for a nice starter and we really wished it didn't get over that fast. 

Chicken Sheek Kebabs

Smoked salmon on cream cheese crostini

For main courses, we began with the birthday baby - she had a Chicken in Indian Butter Cream with Mushroom Pilaf, which put in simpler terms is a butter chicken with mushroom pulao, but it had all the classiness of the name it was christened with in terms of taste. The chicken is boneless and this makes it easier to feed to children. The spice levels are nice and the rice and mushroom a good combination. 

Chicken in Indian Butter Cream with Mushroom Pilaf

Dad went with his classic order of chicken pepper steak with herbed baby potatoes and veggies. Again, a dish Rogue Elephant gets right each time. The quantity here was great and makes it quite a task for the small tummies to accommodate. Mom went with Roast Leg of Lamb au Jus on potato and veggies. Again, hefty quantities and really great taste.  

Chicken pepper steak with herbed baby potatoes and veggies

Roast Leg of Lamb au Jus on potato and veggies

I went in for the Capelli a la Rogue in creamy tomato and vodka with an addition of smoked salmon. Capelli is a really thin pasta and when its packed in a plate, the volume can be deceptive. This was one dish that just didn't seem to get over for me but I was not complaining. The sauce was creamy and the tanginess of tomato just right. The blanched broccoli in there gave it a nice crunch. And of course, you can't really deny the taste of smoked salmon, though I did wish the salmon was mixed into the sauce rather than placed on top. Maybe there is a thought behind it that I don't know. Sudhakar went for the Olio Alio with Penne and a mix of fish and shrimp. Olio Alio is something he has been addicted to since the Chef's Table at Pizza Hut. And got to admit - fish, shrimp, olive oil, garlic, olives make one hell of a combination. 

Capelli a la Rogue in creamy tomato and vodka
with an addition of smoked salmon

Olio Alio with Penne and a mix of fish and shrimp

And to wrap up with had a Rum Vahua which is The Rogue Elephant's take on B52 shooter. Creamy, sinful and quite potent. There was also another Rogue Elephant classic of Apple Pie and cream. Just can't go wrong here. 
Rum Vahua

Apple Pie and cream

The ambiance is what will really appeal to you when you walk into the Terrace Bistro. Getting yourself a reservation is a good idea especially on weekends. Service is great and the staff are able to explain every dish on the menu well. A bit of tweaking here and there is also accommodated. The loos are clean. This meal for 4 of us going all the way with a few soft drinks came to around Rs 2000 and may be a little more and was well worth it.

Address: #444, 18th Main, 6th Block Koramangala, Bangalore - 560095
Phone: 40922037
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Nothing specific and weekends can be a problem

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