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Monday, March 21, 2011Me! In words

Sometimes we have this craving for some simple south Indian vegetarian food. Its on those days that we are really tired and just want something to hit the spot. And so when we were invited to the South Indies Staples buffet festival, it was our good luck that it happened to be on the one day that we really wanted to some homely stuff. We opted for the Infantry road branch and were there at 8.30pm. The place was packed, almost to the brim. And what was really nice to see that it was packed with families, complete with boisterous kids, parents unwinding and grandparents looking over.

The specialty with South Indies is that they attempt to showcase the best of the four south Indian states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Not a simple task considering that each cuisine is vast in itself. So the idea of having a theme was a good one. This one was staples, meal basics like dosas, uttappams, rotis and appams would flow non-stop. And a buffet counter would supply you with all that you would need.South Indies has a bar, Sudhakar opted for a Mojito which he asked to be spiked with a chilli. I had a mocktail called Minty Sparkle. Both really nice. As with any other buffet, the soup and starters were brought to the table. Picto-review below will tell all. 

Minty Sparkle to the left and Mojito spiked with chilli to the right. 

Thilli Soup - a thin soup skimmed off the top of cooked dal and then tempered and spiced up a bit. As far as I know thilli soup is something that is had across all states, more as an accompaniment to rice and with a few ingredients changed give or take. As a soup, it was quite nice and went down well with junior as well. 

Next came piping hot Vegetable bondas, an evening snack everywhere, served as a starter. While they were nice by themselves, it was the accompaniment of the three chutneys below that added all the taste - tomato, coconut and green chilli chutney. Because we knew there was a lot more to be tasted, we stopped at one plate of the bondas. 

The three accompanying chutneys - tomato, coconut and green chilli. Three different levels of spice and all great tasting.

What you see here are three varying versions of dosas from three states - the Pesarittu of Karnataka, the Puli Dosa of Tamilnadu and the Adai of Kerala. Each to be had hot and with the chutneys. Again, heavy breakfast options of each state served as part of the starter course. These too were a great hit with Anoushka and judging from other tables, with all other kids too. 

The buffet was set against a water curtain which was quite fascinating for the young ones. There were some interesting things on offer. Starting from the top and moving anticlockwise - Pineapple Pulao, though there were no actual pineapple bits in it, the taste was unmistakable and was really nice. Then came a vegetable preparation called Sorakai Igguru, a mix of a lot of vegetables in a spicy coconut base. Then Urulai Podimas, a potato preparation and finally Eruserry, a dish of red pumpkin, coconut and jaggery. All great accompaniments to the dosas, uttapams, appams and rotis that followed. 

These were Uttappams of two kinds - vegetable uttappam on top and
the onion uttappam below

Appam with Kai Kari Stew. Not sure of the kadai used for the appam for this particular one, but the next appam that came was crisp at the edges and soft in the center as should be. The vegetable stew was thick with coconut milk and really tasty with just the right hint of pepper. 

A look at the live roti/appam/dosa counter

The Kerala Paratha above as part of the staples on offer and the humble dosa below

These could be had with the Thotta Koora Pappu, a dal and spinach preparation typical of Andhra Pradhesh. We are used to having it more thicker as part of Andhra meal offerings, but the thickness in no way brought down the taste. 

The dessert counter was simple, with fruit salad, parrippu payasam, vanilla icecream with a range of sauces (chocolate, strawberry and others) plus nuts.

And of course to wash it all down a cup of strong filter Kaapi

All in all the meal was simple and really nice. The number of dishes on offer was just to allow you to have a taste of everything. Not so many as to feel you have not got your money's worth since you couldn't eat everything. The ambiance is like that of a family get together. The service is prompt despite being housefull. The loos were alright. This dinner buffet came at Rs 349 plus taxes. South Indies constantly has such festivals going on and for the family, its a great place to head to. 

Address: #147, Chevron Hotel, Opp. Commissioner's Office, Infantry Road, Bangalore - 560025
Phone: 41636362
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Valet Parking

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