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In continuation with our exploration of all things Northeastern, we decided to give Zingron in Koramangala a go. Its right next to 64 and shares building space with Coorg, another restaurant. They have simple glass table-cushioned seating on one side of the restaurant and these really cute cane settees and low tables on the other. The restaurant is small and seats around 25 in one go and you will be greeted with the smell of pungent bamboo shoots. Anoushka decided for us that we would sit on the settees. 

The cane settee and table seating

The rest of the resto

The menu had a whole selection of food from Mizoram, Nagaland and was divided according to the various tribes it comes from. We wanted to try something different from what we had. For drinks we asked for the Shaksha Theira, fermented gooseberry juice and a rice wine (can't remember the traditional name). The gooseberry juice was nice, with that slight acidic punch of being fermented. The rice wine was not at all what I expected. It came in a bamboo cup - and had the consistency of really thick rice porridge. You could see the rice and each sip will take an effort. The taste reminded me of thick curd which has that pungent acidic taste if its a bit old. This, as with most Northeastern fare is really an acquired taste.

The rice wine and Shaksha Theira

For starters we had the Smoked Pork Ribs Naga style with fried garlic, steamed broccoli, Chinese cabbage, some traditional herbs and a smattering of king chilli chutney on it. Compared to the Naga Kitchen and the NE Diner, I found the smoked pork here much more yielding to the knife.  The taste was absolutely brilliant, with spiciness of the king chilli, the crunchiness of the fat on the bone, the contrast of the traditional spices mixed in and of course the veggies. There were four portions to a plate and by the time we were done, we were quite stuffed. 

Smoked Pork Ribs Naga style

For Anoushka we ordered the Naga Chicken curry with steamed rice. The chicken curry was predominantly a coriander based one and was finger licking good. Have no clue what was in the curry, but junior kept asking for second and third helpings and so it was certified by the most fussy eater on earth. In fact, I too swiped a couple of mouthfuls. The chicken was boneless, which makes it a good choice for kids. 

We asked for the Mixed parts pork gravy with steam rice. As the name points out, this is an offals-special curry. For us from the Mangalorean/Goan side - the pork sorpotel is the equivalent, except that we have an elaborate cooking process and masalas. Here the gravy was a simple, thin one, once again with a spices I am unfamiliar with, Hanshi, the menu said and garlic. This, with the Chicken chutney with king chilli and ginger made for a complete and supremely satisfying meal. 

Naga Chicken curry with steamed rice

Closer look at the chicken curry

Mixed parts pork gravy

Chicken chutney with king chilli and ginger

As with any Northeastern restaurant, the food can take some getting used to. But for the those who love to try out new things, Zingron offers you an interesting enough range of tastes to choose from. The loo here is clean enough. This meal came to Rs 750 and thereabouts. The one consistent thing about all the northeastern joints we have been to is the king chilli and the really reasonable rates. 

Address: #62, 2nd Floor, 1st Street, 1st A Main Road, 7th Block,  Koramangala, Bangalore - 560095
Phone: 9611177543
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Nothing specific and weekends can be a problem

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