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Cafe Pascucci

Monday, May 02, 2011Me! In words

One month and one week exactly since I last posted on the blog. Guess that's the longest I have been away from it. Not that I really went anywhere, but the past month has been a round of summer holidays beginning for junior, admission process for LKG, summer camp transport service, mini holiday and of course work... in all this... the blog took a back seat. I did think of it from time to time and decided to make a fresh start beginning May 1st (which is when I wrote this). So hopefully I will remain a bit more consistent with the posts.

To begin the comeback - Cafe Pascucci - I have seen the MG road branch a couple of times (hardly go that part of town anymore) and Sudhakar even went in there for an office lunch with some colleagues. But the set lunch seemed outrageously priced and pretty meager. So they walked out. Cafe Pascucci opened an outlet in Jayanagar a while ago and after a lot of should we-shouldn't we, we thought we should. And so, onto the RX we hopped (you don't stand a chance in hell with car parking) we headed off to the cafe. The cafe is bang opposite KFC, in the same building as 1947 and a building away from Macdonald's...

The AC inside, along with the high-backed white chairs, pleasant music, seemed to start us off on the right note. The food on adjoining tables seemed interesting and before the little drops of drool began to show, we covered our faces with the menu. For starters it was potato crispies/croquettes (I have got to start labeling my pictures as soon as I take them) with a mayo dip and a fresh salad. Hot potato, cold dip, crunchy, vinegary salad. Yumm! time for the main course. 

Potato Crunchies

For junior, who has thankfully starting to take to more interesting food, we had the tomato and basil fusili with smoked chicken. The portion was extremely generous, but what I didn't bank on was the chicken being spicy. So after a couple of bites, junior decided to stick with the garlic bread and helpings from my risotto. But, her pasta was really good and one, I polished off for dinner later that night. 

Fusili with smoked chicken and basil

I had risotto with mushroom and an add-on of chicken. Honestly, the only place I have loved risotto is at Bangalore Bistro, and after having the versions at Veekes and Thomas as well as Frescoes, I would give Cafe Pascucci two thumbs up. Since am not really an expert on rice, I do doubt whether arborio was used, but, the texture and flavor were absolutely brilliant.

Risotto in mushroom with add on of chicken

Ice tea peach for me

Now the wood-fire pizza is something that the Jayanagar branch opened with and one that is recently introduced at the MG Road branch. Since its a glass encased chamber it had quite an audience and the chef was kind enough to allow me and junior to come in a watch him make a pizza, up close. We had a simple smoked chicken, peppers, cheese pizza in 6". Great for one person with a decent appetite. It turned out really nice. We have been here twice after and have always ordered a pizza and enjoyed it. 

From the wood fire oven to our table

Smoked chicken, peppers, cheese

Confuso Scuro

Am not a coffee person at all and Sudhakar more than makes up for this. He had this thing called Confuso Scuro which was Gold Espresso, Chocolate Powder, Dark Confuso Cream, Chocolate Crunch, Chocolate Syrup. And judging by how the glass was close to crystal clean at the end, am guessing this is something you would like to order. 

Double chocolate something cheesecake

Again, damn the not labeling immediately thingi. The Jayanagar Cafe has a good enough dessert display if you still have place at the end of it all. We ordered this double chocolate something cheesecake, an apple pie and lemon tart to go. The double chocolate was two mortal sins over a crumbly biscuit base. At least we can go to hell on sweet note. The apple pie had a good dash of cinnamon in it and was more apple than anything. The lemon tarts were good too. These last two we ate up and then remembered about the photos. 

We also happened to visit the MG road branch soon after to treat ourselves to something nice after a grueling morning with the babus of Mayo Hall. I couldn't resist ordering the same risotto here and it was as good, though slightly more watery compared to Jayanagar. I also ordered a Infuso Al Frutti Rossi Di Bosco, or simply put, a Rosehips infused tea for a particularly bad throat. No clue was Rossi Di Bosco means though. A fruity tea sans sugar so its more like a hot berry flavored drink, but I liked it after maybe half the cup. 

Infuso Al Frutti Rossi Di Bosco - Rosehips

We ordered the same "curly curly pasta" for junior, but this time skipped the smoked chicken and opted for plain chicken. This went down very well with her. 

Fusili pasta in tomato basil sauce with add on of chicken

Sudhakar decided to create his own Italian sandwich and put together this - in multi-grain bread - Lettuce and Tomato, feta and grilled peppers and Chicken ham. Quite a package but a really nice one. He had a cold coffee to go with it.

Sudhakar's sandwich

"I promise to label my photos as soon as I download them"

Cafe Pascucci, both Jayanagar and MG Road share one problem... the lack of decent parking space. But the food and primarily the wood fire pizzas are brilliant. Sudhakar has now a different opinion on the place considering he enjoyed both the places. A full course meal, starter, a drink each, a main course each and a dessert to share is in the vicinity of Rs 1100. The loos in both outlets are clean.

Address: United Mansion, MG Road and 4th Block, Opposite Vijaya College, Jayanagar - Bangalore
Phone: 40912134 (MG Road) 7259175969 (Jayanagar) 
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Nothing specific and weekends can be a problem

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