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Chicken and Brinjal with ghee rice

Tuesday, May 24, 2011Me! In words

Its' been a while since I posted a recipe, or posted anything for that matter. The reviews for Flamenco and Pepper Cafe will be up soon. But till then to soothe my guilty conscience, here is a simple recipe for chicken and brinjal. May sound strange, but it turns out yumm. Am always looking for recipes that allow me to combine meat and veggies to make a one pot meal. Especially since junior, like most other kids is allergic to the thought of vegetables. One evening I ended up having just brinjals and chicken at home. Scoured the net, read through a couple of international and Indian recipes, mixed and matched ingredients and methods and came up with this.

* 1/2 kg chicken - small pieces would be nice
* 3 medium sized brinjals diced
* 2 medium sized onions chopped
* 1 big tomato chopped
* 1 tbsp of ginger garlic paste
* 2-3 tbsp of any chicken masala powder
* 400 ml of chicken stock (I used maggi cubes, 1 cube (foreign ones or two cubes Indian version) boiled in around 500 ml of water till it reduces a bit)

* Fry the onions till they are transparent. Add in the ginger garlic paste and fry
* Throw in the diced brinjal and fry till they are slightly brown at the edges
* Put in the chicken and the chicken masala powder and coat the chicken well. Fry till the chicken crisps a bit on the outside.
* Add in the tomatoes and the chicken stock and cook the chicken till the stock reduces to a thickish gravy. This takes around half hour on medium flame.
* Once done, check for the level of salt since the stock will already have salt in it. Add as per taste.

For the ghee rice
* 1 large cup of rice
* 1 large onion sliced
* A little bit of whole cinnamon, clove and elaichi
* 1 bayleaf
* 1/2 cup ghee
* Salt

In your pressure cooker, add the ghee and fry the bay leaf and whole cinnamon, clove and elaichi. Add in the onions and wait till they are brown. Put in your rice, double the quantity of water and salt. Close and make as you normally do.  

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