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Monday, May 30, 2011

Mummy's kitchen secrets - Edition 2

Ok, I have promised myself several times this year that I will be more regular with the blog - make no mistake, I do miss it a lot. Its just that life seems to have railroaded me into a rut and with this post I firmly intend to get out of it. When I first started this blog, I mentioned that as a child, I was a fussy eater... well fussy to the extent of redefining the term. And so poor mom had to innovate in millions of ways to get me to eat my food. There was honestly nothing that interested me (she loves to retell the story to all who would listen, now that I have my own fussy eater - something to the effect of life coming full circle)

Once retired life took over for my parents, mom went back to what she loved most - tending to a beautiful garden, experimenting with cooking and overall becoming supermom. People began to ask her for recipes... this went on to become cookery demos in various clubs, her own cookery columns in the Konkani language publications as well as English websites. I still remember this one time, she participated in a Nestle product based cookery competition, where she was up against the cream of the Mangalorean cookery experts fraternity. Once done, she had her bags packed ready to leave pretty sure that the competition had outdone her. And then they announced that she had won the first place for her creation - a dish with the maximum number of Nestle products. 

This streak of success went on for a long time and soon culminated into mom's recipe book in Konkani and on popular demand in English 7 years ago. Jane's Cook Book in English made record sales. With demand for the book still pretty high more than 2000 copies later, mom decided to release a second edition with 100 new recipes. And here it officially is today!

With 480 recipes, let me tell you why I like this book - for one, there is a equal mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. For people like me who tend to struggle a bit with vegetarian, this is great. Being Mangalorean, there are a dedicated section to our specialties, so no calling mom (which I still do) if I forget how much of what goes into a Mangi dish. The Indian and Continental sections have a number of recipes you may or may not have seen, but each with mom's little twist to it. There is also a section on snacks, drinks as well as the making of basic masalas. The book is completely no-nonsense. There aren't any photos, which I think are good, since there are more recipes. The book also has recipes that mom created from scratch and won recognition for.  This time round, many of us (friends and family) were deemed to have done something right in our culinary escapades and have some of our creations showcased in the book.

Everyone know that mommy knows best when it comes to the kitchen, this is a chance to get some secrets out of my momma's book. You have my assurance that you won't be sorry. Here is a look at what is in the  book

This book releases today and comes at Rs 250/- (if you pick it up yourself) + a little more if you want it sent to you in which ever city you are. If you would like to add this to your collection or gift it to somebody, drop me a mail at or send me a private message on Facebook


Ri(t)ch Styles said...

Aunty now I know where you get your inborn talent and interest for food! :) I want a copy of the book.. Tell me where to deposit the money and pls send me a copy!


The knife said...

Hey Ruth great to know about this and congrats to your mom ... all the best for the book

Uzma said...

This is a great news. I am really happy for your mother's success and appreciate her for taking her passion for cooking to the next level.

Warm wishes to your mom and you too.

Bangalore's Restaurants said...

@Ritcha - will keep you posted. We have an agent in Mumbai for the books.

@Kalyan... thank you so much. Appreciate it.

@Uzma... yes, I agree, mom loves to set goals for herself and succeed at them amazingly well. Thanks for the wishes!

Mad Scientist Steve said...


I would love a copy of the book. I live in Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore.
Please inform me where to deposit the money or where to wire transfer it.


Bangalore's Restaurants said...

Hi Steve
If you could drop in an email to, I would be happy to share the details with you. Since you live in Jayanagar, you could easily pick it up in person


Jandy said...

I live in Indiranagar. When you're happening this way, could you bring a book with you please? Would love to buy one.

Rhea said...

Hi would you please be able to tell me where in bombay could I purchase the book from? Thank you.

Me! In words said...

Hey Rhea
if you could drop me a mail at or, I will send across the details on how you may get the book in Mumbai.


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