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The Bohemian

Monday, June 13, 2011Me! In words

The Bohemian has been open a while now in Jayanagar. They have a coffee shop out front and the restaurant at the back. The first time round, we walked up to the cafe, saw that it was closed for some reason, missed the sign pointing out to the resto and went away. This was a dinner attempt. The second time round, we came to the spot in broad daylight and realized our mistake. There are ample number of signs indicating the resto is at the back and so there we headed. 

Done up nice, the resto is airy, spacious and brightly lit. Tables are well spaced and a TV ensures silent entertainment to those who need it. The menus came soon enough and there are individual ones for Indian and Continental. Am a bit skeptical about such vast menus for any restaurants. Doing real justice to them can always be difficult. 

The Interiors

Once we gave the menus a look over we decided to order a starter and salad with a mocktail to give us more time to ponder on mains. And so we ordered a Spice Girl, a Salami Egg and Shrimp platter and a Greek Chicken Salad. These came soon enough. Now I don't remember the exact ingredients that went into the mocktail, but it came to the table green in color and honestly did not taste any different from slightly watered down Sprite. Just about ok if you just want something cold on a hot day.

Spice Girl

The Egg, Shrimp and Salami platter came neatly arranged with some raw onion rings and a dip that tasted distinctly bottled. Am always a little wary of seafood in restos and when I saw the boiled  shrimp with a little of the black veins on them, I was a tad bit worried, but then I do understand that shrimp are difficult to completely de-vein and you ain't gonna keel over with a few small veins. But what seriously put us off on this dish was the salami. It was definitely directly defrosted from the freezer in a microwave. Some of the slices were warm, some cold and some still had ice crystals on them. A real bad thing to do with processed, frozen meat. After a certain point, we gave up on the dish, we did point that out to the staff though. It was a working day the next morning!

Egg, Shrimp and Salami platter

The Greek Chicken Salad looked pretty nice when it came. But on first bite, it was evident the chicken was a basic first step to some Indian dish with the crushed pepper on it being over-powering. It was still dripping a bit of the oil it was cooked in. And teamed with the other cold salad ingredients like tomatoes, onions and olives really didn't allow it to come together well. Oh yes and the feta on top was just the 3 miniscule bits you see in the photo.

Greek Chicken Salad

 Now this was not really a good beginning to our meal and so we decided to play it a little safe with the main courses. For Anoushka we ordered the aloo paratha which came in a basket with yogurt on the side. Absolutely no complaints here - the aloo was hot and spiced well and the parathas soft and moist. Of course, Anoushka stayed away from the yogurt (takes after the father!) and finished it all.

Aloo Paratha

We were going entirely continental with this meal and I ordered Chicken in Lemon and Thyme with Buttered Rice and blanched vegetables. Excepting for the lemon slices on the dish, I was surprised at how nice this dish actually was. The diced chicken was moist and tender, the lemon and thyme sauce it was in was very pleasant and not bitter in the least and with the rice and caramelized onions on the side was really pleasant. The portion was quite large and I was not able to finish it. 

Chicken in Lemon and Thyme

Sudhakar decided to have the Rose lamb, which was Roasted Leg of Lamb in a red wine sauce. This too with mashed potatoes, caramelized onions and blanched vegetables. Again, pretty wholesome with mushrooms and carrots thrown into the brown sauce. Tasted good, but after the two starters, we were half to full to begin with and so this came home too.

Rose Lamb

Gulab Jamuns

We were told that there were limited desserts available from what was printed and so decided on the Gulab Jamun which was something junior would have too. In the time that we were there, the restaurant did fill up decently and I noticed that almost every table seemed to have Indian dishes on their tables. Perhaps we should have gone the Indian way, judging from how good the paratha was. But then since we started continental, we decided to keep going that way. As we were going through the menu, I saw some dishes am not too sure have got their fundas right - The Greek Vegan Salad which has Feta Cheese? - While there are ways of making vegan feta cheese, the very presence of feta in a vegan salad defeats the purpose. There was also a Seafood Ravioli with a description that began with "a lasagne with....." - huh? Ravioli and Lasagne are two distinct styles aren't they?

Anyways, I do want to go back and try the Indian menu which seemed a lot more promising. This meal came to around Rs 1100. The main courses were the saving grace of this meal. The loos are really clean.

Address: 1011, Ground Floor, Sree Krishnapoorva Arcade, 26th Main, Jayanagar 4T Block - Bangalore
Phone: 41690996
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Nothing specific and can be a problem.

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