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A restaurant that has always been a life saver for us has been Tandoori Nights in Jayanagar. Several times, when we dropped by for our take-out, we saw this banner for a new resto on the block - Flamenco. Waited quite a while for it to open and when it finally did, we were there knocking on its glass doors. The first thing that hits you when step in is the yellow lambretta. Beautifully restored, you will spend some time ogling at it, before you settle on either the low settees or the bar stool style seating. There are also the regular table and chair variety for those who prefer it. 

If you love this lambretta you should check out the
owner's bullet parked outside

Flamenco has a nice menu - the burger, hotdogs, salads and drinks kind. We visited the place twice and here is what we had. 

What burger meal is complete without fries?

Sudhakar had the chicken club sandwich and asked for its to spiced up with the sloppy joe side. Now this is not something they normally would do, but the big guy of the place - Abhijeet sportingly agreed to and it turned out to be a good decision. The sandwich was grilled, stuffed, spiced and wholesome.

Chicken club sandwich with sloppy joe

This next is a small remnant of my bad habit of thinking I have a supercomputer for a brain. I know that its called a double dog something. Basically its a simple hot dog with two dogs :-) . With coleslaw and spicy chips on the side, this too is quite the tummy filler. 

Double dog .....!

For drinks we had the green apple and orange granitas once and kiwi and strawberry slushes the next. Both blessings in glass when it came to the scorching heat on those afternoons.

Green apple and orange granitas (Top)
Kiwi and strawberry slushes (below)

Flamenco also does breakfasts and its a good thing the dishes are available at lunch time too. How else could we indulge junior with pancakes and butter (actually it comes with maple syrup, but junior loves butter). Definitely not the packeted stuff and the pancakes were soft and fluffy.

Pancakes and butter

The first time we went there, I had a Chicken burger. A substantial patty between toasted buns and cheese, with fries and coleslaw. What I really liked about the burger was that the patty felt very home made and not the frozen packet variety. The same goes for the meatballs and spaghetti. The sauce was just the kind mama would make at home. And I really hope things remain this way at Flamenco. 

Chicken Burger

Meatballs and spaghetti

Flamenco has all the strappings of that friendly neighborhood place that you can head to for a good meal at any time of the day. It comfortably seats around 20 people. Service is very personal and friendly. The loo is small and fit for someone of my stature, anyone a little bigger will have some maneuvering trouble, but its really clean. A meal for two will come to around Rs 550 which is really reasonable.  

Address: 138-139, 16 C Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar - Bangalore
Phone: 9886346863
Parking: Nothing specific and weekends can be a problem

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