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iKebab Istanbul Grill

Wednesday, June 22, 2011Me! In words

iKebab Istanbul Grill - its the Istanbul Grill part of the name that intrigued me (iKebab does too, I tried scouting around, but couldn't find a logical meaning to iKebab, other than it being an iPhone app. Could it possibly be Istanbul Kebab?). This was at a time when I decided to get back to some serious blogging and this place sounded interesting. Located in Koramangala and in the same premises as Kiwi Kiss and Booster juice, this place is another offering from the same management.

Now we went there assuming that this was a restaurant on a separate floor and stuff, but it turned out to be a cafe like extension to the Booster Juice outlet. The seating was predominantly low and white with a couple of tables and chairs set up as well. The counter itself is really small and you are bound to be skeptical about what is available if you were like us ie completely clueless about what to expect. 

Anyways, now to the food. The place serves the Doner Kebab, which is the original form of the shawarma as we know it. Now its the same in terms of what goes in it - the chicken, lettuce and tahini. But you can ask for it to be upgraded a bit with a choice in hummus - the classic, lemon garlic or jalapeno. There is also a really spicy version in the form of a chilly garlic version. But what caught our eye was the pomegranate relish. Sounded real interesting. And so.. what follows is more of pictorial review. 

Pita bread and jalapeno hummus - real warm pita, nice, but a little more crisp than it should have been. A really healthy quantity of jalapeno hummus. Substantial amount of minutely chopped jalapenos, giving the creamy hummus some great zing.

This is the only rice dish they had which ended up ordering for junior. Iskander Kebab comes with dill rice, and a chicken kebab in spicy sauce. I did not anticipate the spice and so this is not something for a kid. But the dish was good, a complete meal for one and is sufficient encouragement to order something cooling from yonder Booster Juice. Ended up giving Anoushka just the rice that was not mixed in gravy and some pita bread.

The Turkish Hot Spice Doner - spicy, but not as much as Iskander Kebab. Neatly wrapped in pita, the two rolls are decent sized and amply packed. The chicken was moist and not overdone. 

Lemon Garlic Doner - Now who can beat lemon and garlic as ingredients. I personally love them and so a doner in them was a must. This is the perfect one for those who like mild food. The lemon and garlic is perfectly blended into the sauce that is used for this doner. This is one for the kids too.

And now for the pomegranate relish - am surprised that a relish made of pomegranate is spicy, but this one is and is really really nice. Dip the end of your doner into it and it adds another element to the tastes going on in your mouth. I found it a good combo with plain pita too and with a bit of jalapeno hummus mixed in as well. 

Overal, we enjoyed our meal at iKebab. Its not a place to head to if you are looking for a lavish Turkish sit down meal. This is more of a snack place or one of those quick office lunches. The staff need some serious training in handling the menu. When we asked pomegranate relish on the side, we were brought pomegranate relish doner. This was after needing to point it out on the menu. And also it took us a while to figure out that the little bowl that was on the table, brought with the lemon and garlic doner was actually the relish. Other than that, having Booster Juice and Kiwi Kiss at your disposal enhances this really casual meal. The ladies loo needed some repair and some amount of cleaning. This meal with add ons from Booster came to around Rs 600 in all.

Address: 1-A Cross, 80ft Road, 8th Block, Koramangala- Bangalore
Phone: 41435723
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Nope.. and in that area you can imagine how tough it can get

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