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Kim Lee - Indiranagar

Wednesday, June 15, 2011Me! In words

We are seriously on a mission of discovering places other than those close to home. Since we were in Indiranagar to meet Reshma, we asked her for some suggestions on where to go. She spoke of this small little place that served some good Oriental food called Kim Lee and that's where we decided to go. Am not familiar with Indiranagar as such and to someone as directionally challenged as me, I found that the area it was located in was quite nondescript. The decor is in red with high backed chairs and most of the lighting is thanks to the sun light. Not fine dining atmosphere as such, but then good food doesn't need to come in great looking places. And so we settled down on some sofa seating on the side.

From where we sat

The staff moves quick and we had our menus and water almost as soon as we sat and turned towards the table. As we began to look through it, the owner of the place Walter Chung came up and asked us if we would like him to suggest anything that was off the menu. He was, I believe in the process of revamping the menu and wanted feedback. Ever ready to experiment, we told him to go right ahead. Lime soda to cool us down to begin with.  

Lime soda

Anoushka was yelling for a soup and so the suggestion was the Moku Soup in chicken that was thickened with egg drop. This soup was really nice, not too thick and not too heavy on the tummy since we were planning on going all the way. I have a bad tendency of butchering soups with vinegar sauces just because I like tangy stuff, but this is one soup that did not warrant any butchering.

Moku Soup

We wanted a spicy starter and the suggestion for this was a Hakka Chilli chicken. What came was thinly coated batter fried diced chicken with lots of green sliced green chillis. Was it spicy yes! Close to fire alarm ringing spicy. Was it something to remember. Nah! 

Hakka Chilli Chicken

We had two kinds of noodles, one on request from Anoushka. The suggestions were Burnt Garlic Chicken Noodles for us and Hakka Noodles for junior.  Both dishes were nice and went well with the side dishes that were suggested with the accompaniments. What I liked about the Hakka Noodles were that they were moist and something Anoushka could eat without having a gravy on the side. This really helps when you have a fuss pot like my baby. Apologize for the photos - the flash made it look bad and without flash dull. 

Burnt Garlic Chicken Noodles

Hakka Noodles

We asked for something in pork to go along with the noodles and we were told that there was only one pork dish on offer and so Pork Roast it was. Nice mix of fat with meat and the marination was something real unique. I believe rather than use the 5-spice mix as most restos do, at Kim Lee they use 10-Spice. Whatever it was, it did make a great difference in a good way.

Pork Roast

The Peking Chicken gravy was for Reshma, but of course we dug in as well. Pleasant, nicely spiced and went quite well with the noodles.

Peking Chicken Gravy

We had a really long chat with the owner, quite informative too on Chinese cooking styles. As for the food, it was nice for meal out but except for the pork roast, nothing really stood out for us. The presentation of the food too was close to nothing considering there was experimenting with newer dishes. All of this came to around Rs 1100 which I think was steep compared to other places which have a much better ambiance and presentation. Nice place to stop by for a quick meal if you are in the area. They have another branch in Rajajinagar. The food was on the table in like 5-6 minutes of ordering. The loo is unisex and clean.

Address: 54, Double Road, Near CSI Hospital Indiranagar - Bangalore
Phone: 41153227
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Nothing specific 

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