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Monday, June 27, 2011Me! In words

There was a time we had decided to stay away from Koramangala as all we seemed to do was review restaurants that were located here. We wanted to spread our wings... but can you blame us if Koramangala is like a magnet to all things good and delicious (and a couple of not so good on the tummies as well - gotta balance things right). So after a friendly introductory mail from Spento Cooper the man behind Turquoise, we landed at its doorsteps this past Saturday. Turquoise has two levels - the European and the Indian. We have been on the Continental/European run for a while and are still going strong. So up we rode the elevator and honestly were quite taken aback at how massive the place is. Done in beautiful shades of peacock blue and wood, there is a choice of high-backed seating and sofas.

The interiors - from one part of the restaurant

We were handed menus. It took us a while to settle on stuff simply because junior was like a spring coil on crack and bouncing off the place, quite literally. The menu is a mix of Italian, European and Mediterranean and this was another one of those moments when I wish I had that tummy on hire I have spoken off earlier. Sudhakar was intent on wine and he zeroed in Four Seasons Classic Shiraz which went perfectly with our appetizer and then the main course. I settled for the Apple Martini... we were going for a movie after this meal and honestly did not want to fall asleep like I have a tendency to do after a bit of alcohol. A complimentary bread basket (freshly made) also made its way to the table and junior was (un)suitably occupied with a game of fencing with the bread sticks. 

Bread basket

Four Seasons Shiraz and Apple Martini 

A little bit from everywhere is how we decided to go and started with a Greek appetizer called Souvlaki. This was marinated beef cubes, skewered and barbecued and served with Tzatziki, Toum and pita bread. Off late, this is the second restaurant that has reminded me of the food my Palestinian babysitter used to stuff me with, which was blissfully great. A cube of beef, with a bit of tomato, onion and bellpepper, rolled into the pita bread and slathered with toum and tzatziki and popped into the mouth was how we had it. The tzatziki had this nice grainy texture while the toum had the bite of the ground garlic that is its primary ingredient. Delicious enough to fight over (which we did, turning out to be worse than Anoushka and her friends at a play session) 

Souvlaki with Tzatziki, Toum and pita bread

Anoushka is done with her garlic bread phase and the pasta one. She is currently on her rice/noodle phase and asked for rice. We went Italian and ordered the sage and parma ham risotto for her. A large deep dish came in with steaming hot risotto that was generously peppered with ham and sage. It took her a while, but she did manage to finish one half of it. I don't claim to be an expert on the final textures of risotto, but I did find that this may have needed a wee bit of time more in the pot. But then again, if it could go down the eternal fuss pot's little throat, am more than happy with it. 

Sage and parma ham risotto

For my entree, I decided to have the breaded pork chops with beetroot and apple relish. Now this was a first for me - breaded pork chops. The pork was perfectly proportioned and could easily be sliced off from the bone. That for me is great, since I invariably ask Sudhakar in every place we go to do the honors for me. I can be quite messy when doing it. The chops were great undoubtedly, but what caught me really by surprise was the apple and beetroot relish. Thin slivers of both, in a marinade I couldn't figure out since I was busy eating. Was quite tempted to ask for another portion of it, but decided to maintain some level of decency - being a glut is a sin right?!

Breaded pork chops with beetroot and apple relish

Sudhakar went in for the Tenderloin Pouppiet, which was stuffed with chicken liver pate and olives and served with green pepper sauce. Its really nice when you are able to see each part of the description clearly on your plate. And for someone who loves innards as much as Sudhakar does, the chicken liver pate stuffing was brilliant. I did taste it and liked it a lot, but am not much of an liver person to begin with. 

Tenderloin Pouppiet

The way this meal went, we knew were missing out on something if we did not have desserts, but we just couldn't. One more bite and Turquoise would have had additional fixtures to their decor in terms of two sprawled out people on their sofas. Not something that would work well for them. I really regretted not having dessert, especially after reading what they had. But sometimes you need to have something good to look forward to and that is what I am going to do here. Another visit will definitely be on the cards. This meal came to Rs 2100 (inclusive of VAT), worth every bit of the money spent. The service is brilliant and unobtrusive. The loos are spotless. Oh yes and the valet parking in a place like Koramangala is heaven sent.

Address: No. 9, 2nd floor, 5th Block, Koramangala- Bangalore
Phone: 65776588
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Valet!! Yippee!!

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