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An email one day told me of a mobile Manipuri Kitchen. Some reading later, I came to understand that Chakkhum (kitchen in Manipuri) has a website where you can read their menu. Choose anything you like and no matter where you are, the food will be delivered to you at a time you specify. Now if that is not enough to pique your interest, I don't know what is. I was really curious and since we have taken a shine to northeastern cuisine this was definitely worth experimenting with. So one evening, we got online, checked out the menu and pretty much went on a binge. Food can be ordered in 250 ml boxes for one person or 500 ml boxes for 2. What follows is pictorial...

Alu-Kangmet & Nga Ataoba (Chilly Potato & Fried Fish) - 250 ml

Just as the description says, its chilly potatoes and fried fish. The slice of rohu is marinated in spicy spices, pan fried with mashed spicy potatoes. Spice factor is upped a few notches with a generous sprinkling of chilli powder on the fish. This was really tasty and is definitely on the order-again list.

Eromba (500 ml)

This explanation of the dish is from their site - Eromba is a generic name for a dish prepared by mashing boiled vegetables along with fermented fish (Ngari) and chilly (Umorok or Uchimorok). It is prepared by boiling and mashing different vegetables like Pan or Arbi or Colocasia, Bamboo Shoot (Soibum), Banana Flower to name a few along with boiled/fried chilly, Umorok and fried dry fermented fish. As for the taste, the were lot of textures going on here. Some soft and squishy, some crunchy, some crispy, lots of spicy... overall this is meant to be a side dish, more of an accompanying chutney of sorts. Its a seriously acquired taste, especially for me. 

Nga Atoiba (Partially Mashed Fish Curry) - 250 ml

The site says - A traditional Manipuri fish preparation using fresh water fish commonly known as ‘Sareng’ (wallago attu), a species of catfish, is must-have for all special occasions in Manipur. The fish is in there bones and all and so you have to be a bit wary when eating this. Goes well with rice since the gravy is a bit thick and loaded with peas, greens and tomatoes. Overall an interesting dish for fish lovers.

Nga ga' Soibum Thongba (Fish and Bamboo shoot preparation) - 500 ml

This is meant to be a thick gravy and is a party special. The fish used is rohu and the bamboo shoots are sliced thick. The fish is nice and chunky and if you like the punch of bamboo shoots, you will like this dish.

Ok Thongba 500 ml

Yen Thongba 500 ml

Ok Thongba (Pork curry) and Yen Thongba (chicken curry) - The photos make it obvious that the gravies were below a curtain of oil. Personally I loved the chicken curry, though am a pork lover. The pork gravy was spicy and tasted good too, but after a while, the oiliness of both dishes didn't work and the taste was lost somewhere in between.  

Chak-how (Sweet Dish-Brown Sticky Rice)

This is made with a unique Manipuri sticky brown rice. And I read a little too late on the Chakkhum site about how this is supposed to be had with milk or cream. We didn't and just took a spoon each straight from the bowl. Sweet yes - but a seriously seriously seriously acquired taste.

Overall this meal was quite interesting. One thing you have to note about all the dishes that a predominant spice is chillies. Without exception, all the dishes were half way to heaven on the Scoville scale. I did talk to the people at Chakkum and they said that toning down on the oil and the spice is something they can work on, so I guess you just need to make that clear when you order in. There are several other interesting dishes Ngaringkha (Fried Head and Gut with Potato) if you are up for the experiment. All of these dishes here came to a nice Rs 750, which is great. To streamline things remember this. 

Order Timings:
7:00 AM - 10:00 AM - Lunch orders for the same day
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM - Dinner Orders for the same day
4:00 PM - 10:00 PM - Orders for next day

Website for menu -
Phone: 9686669988
Accepts Cards: Cash on delivery
Closed on Wednesdays

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