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Coffee Day Square

Monday, July 11, 2011Me! In words

We love leisurely breakfasts and are constantly looking around for some of those bacon-eggs and toast kind of places. And in due course of time we came to hear of the breakfasts that Coffee Day Square has on offer. Off we headed one Sunday morning. This was the first time we were visiting the place and it was nice, airy and the tables seriously well spaced. There were options in sofa-settee seating, table and chair and high backed chairs. We went for the sofa and settee - good view of the statues and traffic outside, enough to keep junior in one place to get some breakfast down. We were the only ones and this was around 9.30 AM. It pretty much remained that way till we left, with a few stragglers coming in for a caffeine fix.  

A view from our sofas

The outside view from where we were seated

A look at the menu and you have a few set breakfasts like the Morning Glory and Good Morning America. If you feel they are incomplete there is a decent a la carte section where you can top your breakfast off. Sudhakar went in for the Good Morning America which was toast-butter-jam-eggs of choice-grilled tomatoes and sausages. Though the menu doesn't mention it, hash browns come with each of these breakfasts. I had the Morning Glory and topped it with sausages too. Sudhakar had his eggs sunny side up, and Bhavya and I opted for scrambled. For junior we got an extra order of toast-butter-jam, her latest obsession. 

Good Morning America!

Morning Glory

There are other options like From Europe with Love which is waffles, a choice of sauce and bowl of fruits. There is also the diet-conscious special Health is Wealth where you have an egg white omelet with yogurt and bowl of fruit. The Continental Daybreak comes with croissant/ muffin, muesli and a bowl of fruits. 

Three breakfasts with an extra order of Chicken sausages each 

Now about the breakfasts we had... two large frankfurters to a person - reaaaal nice!, can't go wrong with the toast and grilled tomatoes. Sudhakar had one of his bulls eye knocked out and the scrambled eggs were rather watery. The hash browns are definitely packeted, cracked out from the freezer and deep fried. Overall, just about ok when you are out for a quiet breakfast. Decent - yes! are there better places? - Definitely!

Now the specialty of the place is its single origin coffees. I am a tea person and so left the experimenting to Coffee-holic Prabhu and to Bhavya. He had the Ethiopian coffee which comes served with a chocolate chip cookie with a lashing of whipped cream. He liked it so much that he wanted to bring the blend home. Bhavya had her standard Tropical Ice Berg which I guess most of you have already tried. 

Ethiopian Coffee served with a chocolate chip cookie and cream

                                                                     Tropical Iceberg

The place is quiet, clean and service good enough for a Sunday morning. The breakfasts we each had could have been better in terms of finishing touches. Hash browns from a packet is quite typical of chain, but since there is no rocket science in toast and eggs at least these could have been made from scratch. The order does take a while coming, so factor that into your visit. This is the first time, I think, since I started this blog, that I didn't have to take junior to the restroom, so have no idea how it is. These three breakfasts came to Rs 1100 which I think is too high for what we were served. There are breakfast buffets with a lot more options where at least 7 people could have eaten their fill for the same amount in a classy setting.

Address: Diagonally Opposite UB City, Vittal Mallya Road- Bangalore
Phone: 40012101
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Ample space behind the building

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