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Friday, July 01, 2011Me! In words

Many of my friends think that for me its an easy thing to pick restaurants to visit. Sure, I visit restos, I blog about them and stuff. But actually deciding on which one to go to each weekend is quite the nightmare. What do we want to eat? What Anoushka will be able to eat? How expensive? Do we want to eat heavy/light/continental/fast food.... so many questions to answer. This weekend we decided not to waste our weekend morning on the useless debate. We got into the car, headed for Koramangala (that's where everything new seems to be opening anyways) and decided to wing it. And to our luck we spotted Yana's Sizzlers n More at the same time. 

From the looks of it, it was a new chain to enter the area... bright colors and nice interiors. A very family place. And as luck would have it, we found parking space right outside the resto. Now how is that for a good sign?  The resto has a mezzanine floor, but we chose to sit downstairs. The paper table mats had little puzzles to solve and what I really liked was that a table of 4 had two different sets of puzzles. So if you end up having to fight with the junior of the family over one or need to be one up, you can always chose another puzzle. The menus obviously start with a range of sizzlers. Ample choice for vegetarians too. The beef sizzlers are a separate category discreetly titled "steaks". There is also a separate section for BBQ sizzlers which Yana claims to be the first to serve.

Mad About Town and Litchee Soda

For drinks we had the Mad About Town which was a mix of orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadine syrup and soda and a Litchee soda. At the same time, a bowl of mustard sauce was brought to the table. After a while of debating between a fish and steak, we finally settled on our orders.  

Mustard Sauce

I went in for the BBQ steak with mashed potatoes and BBQ sauce. And Sudhakar opted for the Steak with Chicken and cheese with garlic pepper sauce. Besides being able to choose your own sauces, you can also choose your sides from rice/noodles/mashed potatoes/french fries. Sudhakar and I both opted for rice so we could feed junior some. I had the mashed potatoes and Sudhakar the french fries. The blanched veggies and caramelized onions too were a part of the offerings. Now we were in a bit early for lunch and so were the second amongst those seated to order. If I had any inkling about the size of the sizzler, I would have maybe thought twice about ordering two.

BBQ steak with mashed potatoes in BBQ sauce, rice and veggies

Steak with Chicken & cheese with garlic pepper sauce, rice,
french fries and veggies

The sizzlers came with smoke almost hitting the mezzanine (ok, bit of exaggeration there), but it was sizzling quite a bit. The sizes were quite substantial and they were brought in quick succession, so we were not waiting for the other one's meal to come in order to begin. It took a couple of minutes for the smoke to clear up before we could gingerly discover our sizzlers. 

My steak was well done (come to think of it, no one asked about how we would like it), I like it that way. The portion was generous and meat soft to the nice. The rice was drowned in BBQ sauce and the fat of the meat had dripped into it too. And so junior was mighty happy with its flavor. 

Sudhakar too had a great sizzler with the chicken and cheese melting into each other. But after a while we found that the garlic pepper sauce was a little more salty than it should have been. After getting through half the sizzler, he couldn't go much ahead. Nevertheless... if the salt had been right, the sizzler would have been good. 

What I love about sizzlers is that your meal remains hot right till then end. This is sooo important for someone like me who spends times putting things onto junior's plate and then transferring it to a mouth that refuses to open. And dutifully, each time my meal arrives, junior realizes that she needs to visit the restroom (the very reason it became an integral part of my reviews). So actually getting down to eating is almost when the meal is cold.

Small portions of our sizzlers were packed away for late night movie snacks. We had to have a dessert and decided to have the sizzling apple pie... which was a distant cousin of the now boring sizzling brownie. So out came a dessert sizzler plate... a generous slice of pie, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a tureen of apple sauce poured on for the sizzling effect. Nice apple pie with the actual pieces of apple and not the CCD variety in which raisins are considered to be apple substitutes. A good taste of cinnamon and smooth apple sauce.

When the sauce was poured on!!

Sizzling apple pie with ice cream

Since we were winging it, am really glad this turned out to be a nice one. The resto has been open now a few weeks and also has other branches around town. One in Shivajinagar if I am not wrong. The "more" on the menu refers to a Chinese menu which I honestly did not want to try considering the specialty of the house is supposed to be sizzlers. The service is nice and the staff know what is on offer. Since we chose "steak" we were discreetly informed that it was beef. Apparently there have been a few run-ins with people who didn't know. The loo is really clean. This meal came to Rs 1200. 

Address: Yana Sizzlers N More, Koramangala- Bangalore
Phone: 25505538
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Nope! But I hope you get as lucky as we were

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