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Green Theory

Monday, August 29, 2011Me! In words

Found this place on FB and decided to give it a shot one Sunday. Purely organic veggie, outdoor seating, indoor seating, library area, business meeting luncheon rooms... got all this from the FB page and was dying to see how all of this could fit in on a place at Convent Road. Anoushka studies at Sacred Hearts and I know how strapped for space that area is especially when it comes to parking. But having a resto in that area really works well when you need to pick junior up and stop somewhere for a quick lunch.

We got there... ample parking space, it being a Sunday and the space outside the school not being bumper to bumper with cars. Got in and absolutely loved the outdoor setting, complete with a pathway, umbrellas and metal chairs. We sat in the semi open air seating, with its low sofas and low tables. 

The open air outdoor seating

To drink we decided to go for Apple Strawberry Smoothie, Pomegranate Berry Smoothie, Mint Lemonade. The smoothies were real nice with sweet-sourness of apples in the first one. The Pomegranate Berry smoothie was a little liquidy than it should have been with more berry and a hint of pomegranate. The lemonade was nice.

Apple Strawberry Smoothie, Pomegranate Berry Smoothie, Mint Lemonade

Since Anoushka has now graduated to having soups, we decided to have a Minestrone Soup and in case she found that too spicy, a Irish Potato Soup. Both soups came with a crisp, hot slice of buttered bread. If you are used to Chinese resto size soup bowls, then this one may seem like one of the by-two versions. But if you plan to have a meal that includes all courses, then this quantity is good. Just a soup-salad maybe not so much. 

The Minestrone Soup, I didn't much like. Though it is supposed to be tomato based, I found the tomato too overpowering. It did have pasta and a few veggies but could have done with more of those and a little more thickness. The Irish Potato Soup was thick, smooth and bland, as you should expect from a potato soup. I really liked this one... and for someone who normally doesn't like bland, that's saying a lot.

Minestrone Soup

Irish Potato Soup

For starters we went for the Stuffed mushroom crunchy. Lovely evenly coated mushrooms, stuffed with veggies, deep fried and finished off with a dash of cheese. Six to a plate... but for something this nice, would have loved double the quantity. It really got over too soon.

Stuffed Mushroom Crunchy

For the main courses, we had a Three Bean Gravy and Rice. I forget which are the three beans, but rajma was one of them. The quantity was really good with a healthy portion of dill rice and large bowl of gravy. Hot, steamy and just what was needed on a drizzly afternoon. 

Three bean gravy and rice

We also had the Irish Vegetable Boxty which was a potato pancake, stuffed with an assortment of veggies and topped off with a mushroom gravy. There were mashed potatoes on the side and blanched veggies too. It had everything right in terms of ingredients with potato being the hero. A real nice dish this one.

Irish Vegetable Boxty

There was also Grilled vegetable pasta in a choice of sauce. Ours was a nice white cream sauce. Simple nice and wholesome this was. 
Grilled Vegetable pasta with cream sauce

For dessert we shared a Oreo Cheesecake. A little too wafer thin for our liking. And in our friend's words, not a patch on the Oreo Cheesecake at Spiga. Haven't tried so can't comment. Taste wise this was nice, but just like the starter, it was gone before you knew it. 

Oreo Cheesecake

Green Theory has a great collection of organic teas and being the absolute "Chai" wali... we had  a pot each of Citrus Infusion tea and Kashmiri Kahwa. Loved the citrus infusion, with just the right notes of the fruit in each sip, with the flavor of tea. The Kahwa was good too, but the flourish of the Samovar was not there.

Citrus Infusion Tea and Kashmiri Kahwa

One of the many water bodies around

Overall this meal was more hits than misses. Would have appreciated better quantities on the starter and desserts. The meal came to roughly Rs 1100. The ambiance is brilliant and in my opinion its ideal to visit on a Sunday, when you get parking space.

Address: #15 Convent Road, Opposite Sacred Heart's Nursery School 
Phone: 61435956
Accepts Cards: yes
Parking: Nothing exclusive and lunch time on weekdays with school being close by can be tough. Weekends are a breeze though

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