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Iftaar Raid 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011Me! In words

Iftaar raid - an annual affair - and this time it was in the company of family - just as it should be. As we drove down MM road at 6.30 PM trying to find a parking place, the smells literally had us trying to fly out of the windows and on to the feast that awaited. It took a little while, and then it began..... I wish I could make this an aroma scope post - because it was honestly an assault on all the senses in a fabulous way...

Chicken and mutton tikkas frying away on the kadai - Kaadi Chicken - a small glimpse of tandoori tikkas on skewers - chicken rolls, kheema buns in the tray (above and below)

Sizzling hot kaadi chicken, off the pan and into our hands
- the tiny blisters that threatened to appear were not felt at all

Mutton Seekh kebab - Succulent, juicy and spiiiicy

Marinated deep fried prawns, complete with the tail still on and some pudina chutney

Beef/chicken cutlets - both looked the same and we all agreed
that the chicken one tasted much better

Beef "wheel" curry in the making

Idiyappam and beef chops - the idiyappam was soft and silky
and the beef well done, spicy and finger licking great. 

Dahi Vada and Kheema Buns

Aloo bondas, Kaadi chicken

Straight off the tava, chicken kheema parathas
- heaven in every sizzling hot mouthful

Lassi - thick, sweet and a great coolant for an overwhelmed tummy

Falooda - a more drinkable version, but yummy

Pista kulfi (above) malai kulfi (below),
thoughtfully cut into cubes and absolute brain freeze in each bite

Gulabi Karamel - this is one sweet you can never get enough of

A glimpse of the faces hard at work to make iftaar a feast (above & below)

Raiders 2011(R to L) - Reshma, little raider-in-training Mika, Nisha, Sachi,
junior raider Anoushka, Moi and Moi's

Raider in training Mika and Papa Pramodh

We also had chicken samosas, Phirni, Kubani Ka Meeta, sweet samosas, chicken spring rolls - all of which reached our tummies a little too fast for the camera to capture. Unlike last year, we decided to order smaller portions and share, this way making sure we get to taste as much as possible without filling up too fast. So it was more like 3 of this and 2 of that with a couple of soft drinks thrown in. The only thing we all missed was the dry fruit sherbet which was over by around 6.00 PM and which we never got to taste. The eating went on from 6.30PM to 8.30PM. Pretty sure we did not cross the Rs 1000 mark. The rain did not play spoilsport till we were all done and back in the car on the way home. 

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