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Aioli BBQ and Grill Smoke House

Tuesday, September 20, 2011Me! In words

It was one of those weekends when we were scratching our heads on a place to head to. Someone in Sudhakar's office spoke of this new Korean joint in Kamanahalli and we thought of trying that out. And so with cousin Roshitha (our resident food guide in Kamanahalli) in tow we set out to find the place. We searched and we searched and we searched... and didn't find it. At last hunger got the better of us and so Roshi suggested we go to Aioli and that's how us 3 and half hungry souls landed at its doorsteps.

Its been around a while and I liked the casual interiors. We were the first on the scene and throughout our time there just 2 other tables filled up. Either we missed the weekend rush since we came in post 2.15PM or they have a hell of dinner service. Anyways, as the name suggests, everything here is about being grilled or smoked. The menu is not really extensive, but the pictures with each dish helps gets the stomach rumbling if you haven't reached the stage we were in. 

The bar has a decent choice and we had Sangria, Wine cooler and Mocktail of the day between us. This is one of those long pending reviews and I don't remember what went in the wine cooler and the mocktail, but they were both really nice. The Sangria too was nice, but I personally loved the Sangria served at Jamavar at the Leela and haven't tasted one as good till now. 

Sangria, Wine cooler and Mocktail of the day in front

For starters and to get junior going on her never-ending meal, we had the smoked garlic bread. Nice, hot, crisp at the edges. Didn't really get any smoky flavor but I loved the olive oil and chopped dill dressing that came with it. Added a nice touch. This was downed largely by Junior Prabhu

Smoked garlic bread

We knew we would need another starter and Warm pita bread with Baba Ghanoush was our choice. The pita was warm and made for a generous scoop for the baba ghanoush. Now that was really nice, finished off with a drizzle of olive oil. But again, the pita at Zaks is still my all-time favorite.

Warm pita bread with Baba Ghanoush

Can't get enough on the table and so Spiced Chicken wings was next. By now, we were the only ones in the resto and thanks to the glass covered grill space could see our chicken get made. When it came, it was piping hot. The outer layer was crisp throughout with a few charred edges. One bit and you know the chicken didn't have to work hard to get the "spiced" added to its name. It was spiiiiccy! But nice spicy.

Spiced Chicken wings

And finally we moved on to the main courses. We had Jerk Chicken with a side of mashed potatoes. Loved the fact that the starch came in a massive bowl. For those who love their potatoes, they will love this. The mash was on the grainy side and went well with the chicken, which was everyone's favorite part.

Jerk Chicken with mashed potatoes

The Seer fish with lime Aioli was as good as it sounded. There was another round of pita served with it and a salad. Anoushka grabbed hold of the pita. The fish was fresh and I felt the portion generous. Each of us also got this little glass bowl filled with four accompaniments. I really would like to know how they got all four in without them running into each other.

Seer Fish with Lime Aioli

I had the Moroccan Lamb Kebabs with Spinach rice and salad. That way I got get something decent like rice down junior's throat. The kebabs came on a skewer and were spicy, but melt in the mouth soft. They had done their time in the marination. In all three plates though, I found that the salad tasted a bit bitter. Maybe the lime squeezed was a bit too much or someone forget to take of the seeds when squeezing the lime. Besides that, the salads had their crunch.

Moroccon Lamb Kebabs

We shared a chocolate banana, which was grilled as well. Though, we really didn't think much of it. The ice cream and chocolate sauce portion tasted better.

Chocolate Banana

This meal with 3 starters, 3 main courses, 3 drinks alcoholic beverages and a dessert came to Rs 1800. This was the first time in god knows how long that I did not visit the loo with junior, so no comments on that. The service was good, the food good and the ambiance pleasant. All good reasons to drop by if you are in the area. 

Address: #4,09 1st floor, 5th Main, 2nd Block, Kalyan nagar, HRBR Layout, Bangalore - 38
Phone: 42084359
Cuisine: Carribbean
Wallet factor: Rs 1100 for two with alcohol
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Nothing exclusive and not too difficult

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