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Dancing Wok

Tuesday, September 27, 2011Me! In words

We hadn't done the "waste time in a mall" thingi in a long time. And so for the heck of it, took the new vandi to Garuda Mall on a weekend. Did a customary walk through of all floors - had a snack at the chocolate fountain, convinced Anoushka that not everything she sees needs to be bought, meandered through Staples much to the better's half delight, stopped at Amoeba for junior and then decided it was time to do something about the slowly rumbling tummies.

Kobe? Na!! Food Court? With the crowds there? Nah!! and so, it was Dancing Wok, the new Chinese joint that has come there in the place of Sikander (the buffet BTW which I really liked). It was a buffet spread... and am seriously not a major fan of buffets on any given day. But it was a weekend, a new restaurant, and this was only the second Chinese buffet we were going to be trying out... BJN's  Aromas of China being the other one and so in we went.

The only remnant of Sikander in the decor are the crossed spears of sorts on the glass entrance door. The rest has completely changed to dark wood paneling, a massive glass wall (or was that there before?) and dark wood tables and chairs. The lighting had this nice light purplish tinge to it which was quite nice and which my photo does absolutely no justice to. The soup and starters we were told would be brought to the table. Junior was brought a high chair and we were set to eat.

Don't go by this photo, the interiors are much prettier

The place has a nice selection of mocktails and Sudhakar decided to go in for the Burping Panda. This was a mix of ginger ale and apple and was quite nice, especially if you like ginger based drinks.

Burping Panda.

Hot and Sour chicken soup was the soup of the day. A good amount of chicken in it and nice mix of hot and sour. I always sour up my soups more with vinegar chili sauce and this one was not spared either. Junior liked it quite a bit too and downed most of her bowl.

Hot and Sour chicken soup

Starters too were brought to the table - there was Crispy veggies which was zucchini, potato, cauliflower, babycorn and garnished off with some spring onions. These did have crispy coats and were hot on the inside. Veggie fried wontons were there too which junior thoroughly enjoyed. There was spicy chicken wings which were really spicy but deliciously so. I actually asked for a second round of this. Chicken steamed momos rounded up the starter selection. We were tempted to take more starters, but decided to hit the main course instead.

Anti-clockwise - Crispy veggies, Veg fried wontons, 
Spicy chicken wings, Chicken dimsums

Hot garlic sauce and another dip (not too sure of contents
- peanuts, chilli?) for the dimsums and wontons

I started with the salads, 2/3 which I feel were more of accompaniments than salads in themselves - there was the curried vegetable salad, which really did have a good curry flavoring to it. Quite nice for a salad to taste that way. There was kimchi which was more the instant done-in-a-day style rather than the ferment-over-a-while way. And there was a radish, carrot and beet salad that was quite vinegary thus putting it in my accompaniment list rather than eat-alone salad. But then again, all the salads were crisp, fresh and crunchy.

L to R - Curried veggie salad, kimchi, radish, beet and carrot salad

And now for the main courses. On the plate below there is Spinach and garlic noodles. These were in between crisp and moist and could be eaten on their own. Good for kids who sprout perpetual allergies to gravies like mine does. There was also the option of a vegetarian rice.  In the the non-veg options there was Shredded lamb with peppers - slightly spicy and a good choice with the noodles. The Fish in Hoisin sauce was another well done dish, the gravy a nice mix of sweetish spicy, good for a rice though if you are not a fan of spicy. And then there was the Tsinghai Chicken which was cooked in rice wine and had the ever so slight fermented taste to it, but was unanimously mine and Sudhakar's favorite of the lot.

Spinach and garlic noodles, Tsinghai Chicken, Fish in Hoisin
Sauce, Shredded Lamb with peppers

Just as for the non-veggies, there was three (if I am not wrong) options for the vegetarians in gravy, all of which did sound nice. And then for dessert, 3 options - a kiwi souffle, a Banana toffee and vanilla ice cream. The souffle for nice and the banana toffee my choice of the lot. Took it twice. Not an ice-cream person, but judging from Anoushka's eating it (which strange for a child her age, she rarely does) it was good.

Banana toffee and kiwi souffle

This buffet came at Rs 329 a head. What I personally liked about the buffet was the fact that it was not one of those expansive ones where you can't possibly eat everything on offer. This was one of the buffets, where the courses are limited, but done well and you can easily eat everything there is and get your Rs 329 worth. Even the trays were not piled to the brim waiting to be emptied, rather they were refilled constantly ensuring that you don't eat food that's been on the burner a while. Overall a pleasant meal. Maybe the inclusion of a Jasmine or Green tea and some date pancakes or darsaan for desserts could make the deal more complete. But then, that's me. 

Address: 4th floor of Garuda Mall, Bangalore 
Phone: 41126622
Cuisine: Chinese buffets for lunch and dinner
Wallet factor: Rs 800 for two with two mocktails each
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Its the mall parking at Garuda

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