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Tuesday, October 18, 2011Me! In words

We were meeting family in Koramangala for a late evening outing. And so the eternal problem of where to have lunch in this haven of restaurants cropped up. Koramangala is one of those places where the sheer number of restaurants can have you at a total loss for hours on end. And so, rather than go in for a new place, we headed to Olio, a relative veteran on the street but one whose mettle we still had to check out for ourselves.

We got there at prime lunch time and the place of empty. A very neat and clean red and brick set up in terms of interiors. Age does seem to have set into the place, nevertheless it was well maintained. There is low lounge sofa seating on the side which we opted for. It was also closer to the guitar models on the wall that Anoushka was so fascinated with. 

The interiors (above and below)

We just wanted to sit back and relax. To be in a resto in Koramangala on a Saturday, and to be the only ones there was really something. We just hoped the food was as good as well. We settled for a pint for Sudhakar and a mocktail called Late Evening for me. The mocktail was a mix of cranberry juice, lemon juice and some crushed ice. And nice cold mix of both flavors as I sipped on it.  

A pint and Late Evening 

Anoushka has progressed a lot in terms of food when it comes to eating out. We can actually order an entire main course for her and have most of it eaten. So it was fish and chips for her. These were fillets of fish that were coated quite generously in bread crumbs. So much so it was more of a casing for light fresh fish on the inside. I found the casing a bit tough to get through. But the fish on the inside was great and Anoushka couldn't really come up with a good sounding excuse not to eat. 

Fish n Chips

Mustard relish and tartare sauce

For starters we both found Bacon and cream cheese tarts. These were bite-sized, loaded with bacon and cheese. They were really quite nice. The base was a wee bit soggy though like cookies that have been out a while. But still, they were real nice. Could have done with a few more on the plate though.

Bacon and cream cheese tarts

I was ravenous that day and went in for Spanish rice with bacon, shrimp and sausages. What came was a massive deep dish filled with the stuff. It followed the basics of browning the rice and then cooking it with chicken stock. It was really flavorful and real generous on the shrimp and bacon. After a few bites I realized this was one of those deceptive dishes which your brain tells you, you can easily finish, but which your stomach gives up on in a while. So we promptly packed that up and later had it home.

Spanish rice with bacon, shrimp and sausages

Bacon, shrimp sausages by way of sin for me, and for Sudhakar it was Chicken breast stuffed with bacon and cheddar in saffron sauce. It was a toss on who had a date with the patron saint of gluttony between us. All the yellow you see is molten cheddar cheese and the chicken breast was filled with more than our fair share of bacon. And the little bed you see there under the chicken, that was creamy mashed potatoes.

Chicken breast stuffed with bacon and cheddar in saffron sauce

We were stuffed to the gills and more after this and so skipped dessert. Throughout our meal we ended up being the only ones there. Service was pleasant and well timed. The loo was a bit leaky but ok otherwise. This meal came to around Rs 1100.

Address: #151, 60ft road, 5th block Koramangala, Bangalore 
Phone: 40927888
Cuisine: Continental, European, Serves alcohol
Wallet factor: Rs 1100 for two with two mocktails each
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Can be really tricky on weekends. 

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