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The Fat Chef

Friday, November 18, 2011Me! In words

We wanted to get out of town on the weekend. Fed up of the grind, we got into the car and headed to Whitefield... sure its part of town, but the traffic and the time we took to get there served the purpose of "getting out of town" in our minds. After whiling away time at the Forum Value Mall where junior had a blast in the kiddie play area, we drove backwards a bit and got into the parking area of The Fat Chef. It was quite the full house for a Sunday evening -  a very good sign. Though we were four and half to be seated, we were lucky to get a table for six, coz 10 minutes into being there and we had to draw two chairs together for junior to go to sleep.

We were told that there were no menus and all the dishes were up on the boards right around where we were seated. But the starters available were told to us and we settled on Sauteed Beef and Beer Battered Prawns. To drink we also asked for a watermelon ice tea, 2 orange ones and a lemon soda. Unfortunately, my one pretty picture of the drinks got deleted by mistake and so none of it. The sugar syrup was served on the side which is a really good thing since most places generally seem to have a tie-up with the diabetes clinic in the vicinity. I chose not to add syrup to my watermelon ice tea since it tasted so naturally sweet and nice, but the others needed just a drizzle of it. 

Sauteed Beef

Order the sauteed beef and you know why they say that sometimes its the simple things in life that taste the best. No fancy cooking techniques, no overdose of exotic spices - simple beef sauteed, soft... succulent and totally worth forgetting about being nice to others at the table and offering them the last bite. Not too spicy, not to bland and something that would go perfectly well with a chilled beer.

Beer Battered Prawns

The beer battered prawns were good sized fellows and the batter thin and crisp, good enough to give you the crunch when taking the first bite and then very thoughtfully fading into the background to allow Mr Prawn his moment of glory. The dip I felt was a slightly Chinesey one which was not a perfect fit for the great prawns and so I ate them as is and enjoyed it every bit.

And now for the main courses. Everything was up on the boards that you see in the pictures below. You get taken to the boards, a few suggestions are made and then you tell the staff your choice. Personally though I didn't like the idea too much since we had to take turns going with junior asleep. Also, with the kind of crowd going, everyone was hovering around the boards and in it all I missed the specials board completely. :( 
But am told that the board thing is going to change, at least for the heavy days and printed menus will make their way in... so yay!!

The Menu Boards

And so we ordered, the Chicken breast stuffed with cheese and prawns. Chicken, cheese, prawns, accompanied by mashed potatoes and veggies.. Can it go any other way but the path to heaven. Of all the main courses we ordered that day, we all kept heading for that "one last bite" to this plate. The quantity was quite ample, and there was no issue finishing it at all.

Chicken breast stuffed with cheese and prawns

Sudhakar and I both went in for beef - him with beef ribs in cranberry sauce and mine beef steak with pepper mushroom sauce. We went in opposite ways on how we wanted our meat done. He had the well done, which I normally do and I had the medium rare. Both dishes were great... the beef done well in both ways. But the absolute winner was the cranberry sauce. It was a savory sauce with that light hint of fruitiness, combine that with some good beef and you have a great dish. The only thing here is that the salad and veggies both had carrots in them making for a very small difference in accompaniments.

And the one pasta dish on the table was the penne pasta with pesto and chicken. I know if Anoushka were not asleep she would have loved it. Cousin R liked it, but personally I would still go for the stuffed chicken with prawn and cheese. YummmY!!

Beef ribs in cranberry sauce

Penne in pesto with chicken

Beef steak with pepper mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes

Can't leave without a dessert can we and so a Mississippi Mud Pie it was. One to go by four people who love desserts. That's how much we were stuffed. But once this came to the table, I know the thought of ordering another one ran through everybody's mind. The pie itself was great and with that whipped cream on top... anyone on a diet is bound to forget about it.

Mississippi Mud Pie

Overall we enjoyed the food here. For cousin R, it was the second visit. My only grouse was the getting up to the boards to choose our meal and that I missed on some really interesting looking specials like the quiche and stuff. The place has a collection of wine. This meal came to Rs 2200 which is good for the splurge when you "out of town" like we were. For a full house day, the staff was pretty attentive and food hit the table fast enough. The loo was clean.

Address: #5/2A, Jagriti, Ramagondanahalli, Varthur Main Road, Whitefield, Bangalore 
Phone: 42066166 (Reservations are always a good idea here)
Cuisine: Continental, American, Italian
Wallet factor: Rs 1100 for two without alcohol
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Good enough space

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