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Silver Oaks Farm House

Friday, November 11, 2011Me! In words

Once you have child, you will understand that the standard Bangalore weekend outings of restaurants and movies, or impromptu weekend trips, pubs, late nights, junk food are no longer an option. Places you go to have to be child friendly, the food good and clean, the loos clean and of course,  it has to of course give you something to do as well. In my quest, I found Silver Oaks Farm House, which after we visited, I found many people knew about (talk about being in the dark). And from the reviews I found online - besides the view everyone was raving about Meera's cooking.

Run by Praveen and Meera Khanna, the farm house is close to Nandi Hills, is open to bookings on weekends. You can stay there overnight or you can visit for lunch or dinner/Breakfast. We have done both options. To say that Meera has magic in her hands when it comes to food is an understatement. Lunch is always an Indian buffet and dinners are sit down candle lit, 3/4 course affairs and breakfasts are buffets too... with all the trimmings. 99% of the ingredients used in the cooking is grown on the farm with natural farming methods. Below is a picto-review

Indian buffet lunch on our first visit

Chapathis and lemon rice

Dal and a dry mutton dish

Flat beans gravy on the left and stir fry of butternut squash on the right

Bajjis of Lotus Stem

There was also cabbage stir fry, and this amazing gravy made of
moong dal, tomato puree, fried onions and then tempered

Carrot halwa to round it off

Candle light sit down dinner

Home baked bread - out of the oven and onto our waiting plate

Beetroot soup - Anoushka who has rejected beetroot in every
conceivable form since birth actually ate some of this before we slurrped the bowl clean

Brussel sprouts (L) Salad with cabbage, apple & mayo, herbed baby potatoes and fish pie. The crust of the piece could be neatly broken in with the spoon. The fish filling on the inside was mixed with a white sauce and mild spices. Steaming hot, thanks to the casing and delicious right down to the last morsel.

Since Guavas were just harvested, a guava cheesecake (yummmmm!!!)

Buffet breakfast the next day

Guava jelly.strawberry jam.pomelo marmalade (all made on the farm) on the plate to the left. 
All seasonal, all ingredients grown at the farm

Fruit juice and cereal

Fresh seasonal fruit and cheese spread

Choice of eggs and bacon (which BTW is unlimited)

And while you eat, this is view

At breakfast when the mist is lifting

At tea time

On a rainy day

We did visit another time and for lunch, the buffet had this amazing prawn stir fry with just the basic of spices to give it that zing. Dinner was a whole new affair. This time it was roasted chicken, a baby tomatoes and greens salad, a potato bake and hot garlic bread straight from the oven. Dinner was rounded off with home made apple pie and cream. Rather than have a stiff and hard casing, this pie has a soft casing, almost like a thin layer of chiffon cake. And the apple and cinnamon filling on the inside was divine. 

Dinner on our second visit

Depending on what combination of meals you visit for, the prices vary. Walk-ins are not entertained at all. You will have to call in advance and make your bookings. Should you ever be dropping someone off at the airport, you are not too far away from this place. Oh yes! tea is also served and its always with a fresh home baked cake and cookies. Can you get more spoiled than this!

                                                           Walnut cake for tea 

You can find all the details you need here

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