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Monday, December 05, 2011Me! In words

Every weekend, my kitchen is on strike... being a work from home mother takes it toll and by the end of the week I just want someone else to do all the work. And that is when most of our experimenting happens. Finding a good breakfast place can get difficult. There are a few good ones in Jayanagar but we have exhausted everything on their menus. Have been hearing of Upsouth outside Ragigudda temple and have been meaning to visit for a long time. So why not not begin the weekend this way we thought.

Its hard to miss the place. It has two levels of seating, the downstairs being largely occupied we headed on up. The decor is honestly a mix between an upscale darshini and a wanna-be coffee hangout. So while you have huge orange splashes and one-liner jokes all around, you have college / office canteen style tables and chairs to sit on, all packed really tight together. 

What I instantly liked about the place is that they are a "thindi" place all through the day. So you don't have to worry about waking up in time to grab breakfast somewhere on a weekend. Second, you can order singles of every item or choose some of their combos. Its self service and so you place your order, pay for it and wait a short while. Just like in a darshini, the coffee counter has a nook of its own. Food will be a picto-review

A look at the service counter and decor

This is one of the combos we took for Anoushka - It has 6 button idlis and sambar, a mini masala dosa, 1 uddin vada with sambar and this was followed by a large poori (pix below) and veggie saagu. There were three chutnies on the plate - good old coconut, mint/coriander chutney and a tomato/chilli one or was it the pomegranate seed one?!. Since everything was piping hot when it came to the plate, it was great. The button idlis were really soft and nice and Anoushka thoroughly enjoyed the mini version. The potata masala in the dosa was thankfully well spiced and not clumpy like most darshinis tend to serve. Loved the plain coconut chutney. And the sprinkling of raw onions on the vada sambar really did a neat trick. The poori was off the kadai and into the plate and not as oily as they normally are.

Sudhakar started with the paper masala dosa. Perching pretty on the plate it came with the sambar on the side  and was nice. Junior pretty much left her plate and attacked this when she saw it.

I am a sucker for good bisi bele baath. And now, after Maiyas home delivery for breakfast, this is the second place that serves it all through the week and is close to home. Steaming hot, it came with all the accompaniments that most darshinis scowl when you ask for them. There was coconut chutney, raita and a good helping of kaara boondi on top. The rice and dal where a good mash and loved that the veggies still had a good bite to it and were not a paste. Maiyas adds in sambar onions which are I feel are a brilliant addition, but nevertheless, this one was good too.

Bisi Bele Baath

Anoushka loves kesari baath/sheera and we had to have one of that too. I think there was a bit of food color in this one since the yellow seemed to be in competition with the sunflowers (if there were any around). But that did not do anything to bring down the yummy taste. It was nice, a good amount of roasted nuts in it too.
Needless to say junior did not need help polishing this one off.

We rounded it off with cold rose milk and hot kapi. I haven't had rose milk since I was maybe in school when mom used to make it for me. This was tasted really nice - no OD'ing on rose syrup and sweetness, but just right. The coffee too got a thumbs up from Mr Prabhu.

Rose milk, Kapi and the view from our seat

On another visit, we partied on

A nice glass of spiced buttermilk

This was a another combo with pooris and aloo bhaaji, a vada with chutney and sambhar, pongal, raita, curd rice and kesari. Loved everything on this plate except for the pongal. It was quite dry and very bland for my taste. Even the raita did not help.

Onion rava masala dosa. This was crisp and heavenly with the chutnies

Masala uttappam with shredded carrot, capsicum and a sprinkling of masala powder

Overall really liked the place - serves beautifully as a all-day breakfast/brunch place especially if you have partied too hard the previous night. There are several other options in terms of eating - plain parathas with veggie curries, a few other types of dosas, vadas and rice preparations. The service is quick enough. Each of the two visits  came within Rs 250, which for a brunch for three was really good. The loos are on the first floor where we were and needed some attention.

Address: No: 23, 26th Main Road, 9th Block, Jayanagar Bangalore 
Cuisine: South Indian
Wallet factor: Rs 150 for two
Cards Accepted: Not too sure. We paid cash
Parking: For bikes yes to an extent. For cars, "Dear Goddess of Parking, just this once, hear our prayer"

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