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Monday, January 16, 2012Me! In words

We have lived in Jayanagar long before Maiyas made an entry. In the 10 years that we have lived in this area, we have been to MTR twice - once for the meals and once for the breakfast. And Maiyas - well we went there once and were told it was a 45 minute wait for a Rs 110 breakfast buffet. We didn't really think it was worth it and came home. I guess it mostly the crowds the put us off considering we eat out largely on weekends and would rather spend timing eating than standing in line. 

If there is one thing I have mourned about in terms of food in Bangalore is the lack of people who deliver breakfast. Back home in Mangalore, we have outlets falling over themselves to deliver even just a bowl of chutney if you ask for it. So when I suddenly stumbled upon the fact that Maiyas was delivering breakfast beginning as early as 7 AM, I did a little whoop of joy. The menu is limited but covers all the essentials and my favorite - bisi bele bath. Here is a look 

This is how the boxes come

The masala dosa with chutney

Pineapple kesari bath

Bisi Bele Bath

Idli Sambar

Chandrahara (available only on Sundays)

Now all the breakfast items come relatively hot. The chutneys and sambars are fresh. Typical of Maiyas, everything is loaded with ghee. The bisi bele bath in fact has a thin layer over it and also has cashews and those little sambar onions which add a whole new dimension to the taste. The sweets are typical breakfast ones and the Chandrahara has a good measure of clove in it as well. They also have meals of different kinds that get delivered. I ordered a quick working day lunch combo of the holy trinity - sambar rice, rasam rice and curd rice. Below is how the package came.

And this is how the meal looked when I opened the box. Nice, when you are in a hurry but if its a little leisurely I wouldn't want my rice and gravies mixed. They have chapathi meals, north Indian, joladda roti among other options.

Other likes for Maiyas delivery is that they also deliver their bakery products - have tried their wholewheat bread and butter cookies. Also tried a couple of pastries and they are all nice. Once you register with them, they give you a number and you don't have to repeat your address each time you call. Mondays are the only day delivery is not available. An average breakfast for two - 2 dishes and sweet dish is around Rs 200.

Address: 459/30, 30th Cross, 4th Block, Jayanagar Bangalore 
Cuisine: South Indian breakfast, north indian meals, Gujrati too. 
Wallet factor: Rs 200 for two breakfast

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