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Goli Vada Pav

Friday, February 17, 2012Me! In words

Why I went to this place turned out to be part of stunt a friend wanted to pull on me. She was in charge of getting some snacks for an office party and had stopped off with a colleague at Goli Vada Pav. Hunger got the better of her and she decided to have one while she was there and what she was raving about more than the vada pav was the spiced chillis that are kept in a bowl on the counter that you could pick up and add to your plate. She raved so much about those chillis, that I just had to have them and so I waited till the next time I was starving in the evening, grabbed hold of this friend and junior and headed out the Goli Vada Pav close to home. True enough the chillis were there in a bowl and they looked nice and crisp - I assumed they were dried and spiced and so that spice level would be toned down... little did I know that it was your good old green chilli covered in a spice powder to look dried... these were the little guys and man do they open hell's gates on your tongue. They do have lemon sodas available here but by the time you get your hands on some, your tongue would have a neat number done on it already. My friend couldn't stop laughing.. apparently the same thing happened to her and she wanted to see how funny it looked when it happened to someone else.. bah!

Anyways... another day, when we had some friends over, we decided to order one of everything on their small menu and here it is...

The regular vada pav (nice, simple and filling)

Cheese Vada Pav (that spice powder on top goes well)
with the melted cheese slice)

Szechwan vada pav (does have a very Indian chineesy feel to it.. and if you like something with a little more of a tang then this is it.)

No clue vada pav ( I wish I knew.. any help!!)

Sabudana vada (these were soggy by the time we got them home and so its a good idea to eat them at the outlet itself rather than get them home.. can't really comment on the taste though as it was pretty plain)

Palak and Makai Vada Pav (this one I  liked - the corn and palak were in there whole and not a mash formed into a cutlet.)

Overall, if you are hungry, have a small children's party or just need a quick lunch, these vada pavs do the job. They range in price between Rs 20 to Rs 25 and are bit overpriced am guessing. Can't really compare it to the original one, but it does manage to do a fair job. The outlet in Jayanagar does not have a loo and if spice is not your thing, then stay away from the green chillies on the counter or order for your lemon soda before you bite into any of them. 

Address: 33rd cross, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone: Don't have one
Cuisine: Vada Pav
Wallet factor: Rs 100 for two
Parking: Hike it there if you live in the area or ask for blessing from the Gods of Parking!

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