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Monday, February 13, 2012Me! In words

Every time we look for a new place to visit, Bangalore will never disappoint - there is always something new  for us to head to and this time a good old Internet search (FB really works wonders for start-ups) led us to Huckleberry in Indiranagar. We have been meaning to branch out a little and head to places other than the restaurant hub of Koramangala. We had to call in for directions and after a few small wrong turns, found that Huckleberry and Toit are very close neighbors. Up the metal stairs we went and entered this pleasant little resto - the seating on the inside opens to a semi - al fresco style seating area with a lovely natural light. Junior decided that the colorful cushions on the inside were more fun and that's where we settled.

A standard menu is handed to you and the day's specials are on the wall. In conversation with one of the owners, we found that a lot can be customized as well. We decided to settle for something to drink first... Bangalore's weather just can't seem to make up its mind and it was really hot outside.  A Happy Berry with with cranberry, strawberry, grape and lemon and a Herbed Lemonade - minty and yummy hit the table soon. 

Happy Berry and Herbed Lemonade

A partial look at the interiors

The complimentary bread basket with herbed butter

Peek at the wood fire oven where the pizzas are made

And then we got down to the ordering. Junior wanted some starch and that's why we got the potato wedges. Herbed, spiced and roasted, these were pleasant with the two dips that came along. Junior had a bite and then went on a trip of her own and left us to finish it off.

Potato wedges

Thinking that we would not have any starters with her finishing the potatoes (which the little brat did not), we ordered a second starter. We decided to give the suggestion we got a go - chicken wings which we were told were not going to be the spicy, BBQ sauce types, but more soft and juicy. We got three chunky juicy chicken wings with a very interesting sweet and hot sauce on the side. Loved the marinade on the chicken though I can't put my finger on it. Not too spicy and not to bland either... just nice. Just wished that there were maybe two more wings on the plate.

Chicken Wings

Now junior has started to turn a new leaf in being the fussy eater. She tells us in advance if she wants "chicken rice" or "chicken noodles" and there are days where fried rice nor pasta will match this criteria. Such was this day and since the menu did not have anything rice based, I was a bit stuck on what to give her, till we were told that the kitchen would try to rustle up something for her. And that is how we got this really pleasant herbed rice and chicken along with a mayo-like sauce. Siddharth, the owner, later told us that this was his taken on how chicken rice is often served on the streets of New York. Did junior like it?  The plate was almost clean when she was done and that is testimony enough. 

Chicken rice with mayo-like sauce

We decided to give the wood fire pizzas a shot and settled for the Lamb pizza with onions, tomatoes and mushrooms and peppers as add-ons. Always make sure you ask what the basic pizza comes with so that you don't repeat your add-ons. The pizza came in soon enough, well loaded and more than enough for two of us. It was still oven-hot and took a few huffs and puffs to get it cool enough to bite into. I liked that the pizza was loaded just enough and that they were not stingy with the lamb like most pizza chains tend to be. We thought if we had the space we would order another main course dish and share it... yeah well that did not happen. 

Lamb pizza with onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers

But there is always space for dessert and we had the white chocolate mousse with lemon sauce. This was the one that sounded quite different the usual fare of cheesecakes and so one of it was asked for. Personally am not a white chocolate mousse, give me the good old brow version any day, but with this one, I felt the chocolate was not too milky as some of these tend to be. And the lemon sauce it what made it come together well. And nice way to round off.

White chocolate mousse with lemon sauce

I loved this new entry into the Bangalore Restaurants scene. The service is quite personal and friendly, though their mettle will be tested on a full house day. The fact that they make the effort to customize some food for us is a definite plus point. The unisex loo is clean. This meal came to Rs 1600 and is good for a weekend splurge. They do have a wine list as well.

Address: No 298, Binnamangala, 1st Stage, 100ft road Indiranagar
Cuisine: Wood fire pizzas, pasta, grills 
Wallet factor: Rs 1500 for two
Parking: Street parking

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