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Friday, February 24, 2012Me! In words

Yet again in Koramangala, but on a budget and so we headed to Kukkare. They didn't have parking of their own, but the bylanes served well enough. Their entrance is on the side and you have a small welcoming committee in the form of a lone security guard. Up the stairs and into the first floor restaurant you go. A neat place with strong air conditioning (really missed my sweater) and tribal art work on the yellow walls. I wonder what that has got to do with the Malnad food they serve. Any ways, if you are looking for Malnad specialties, you will find them all in the first 2 pages of the menu, following which it is a standard multi-cuisine place. 

A view from our seats

We started with a lime juice and a spiced buttermilk. The buttermilk though, was at room temperature and that was not really the way I liked mine. You can't go wrong with Lime juice. We decided on an Anjal Fry and a generous portion came our way. The masala was instantly recognizable as the Mangalorean Meet Mirsang (a mix of salt, chillis, vinegar, turmeric, coriander). A thick coat of it, some time on the tava and this steaming little piece of marine life was on our table. It was seriously spicy, so those with a low tolerance beware! Kane and Pomfret were the other fish that were on offer this way. I liked the fact that the price was printed on the menu and it was not one of those "seasonal" thingis... wonder how that works for them?.

Lime juice and spiced buttermilk

Anjal Tava Fry

Junior is a sucker for Shavige or noolputtu. and so we brought on a plate of that along with a naati koli saaru. Though it was mentioned in the menu as being spicy, we requested that they tone it down a bit if possible. We also decided to have a plate of akki roti and neer dosa as well.


Junior loved the roundels of noolputtu that came to the table. And the Naati Koli Saaru was just right in terms of spicy. It was not one of those thick, colored gravies, but really a lot like the ones you make at home. The coconut was just enough to give it the flavor without overpowering the chicken and giving you tummy troubles later. It  made a great combination with neer dosas as well as the akki roti. The neer dosas were nice, but every time I ordered these I can't help but compare them to the ones we had at Suggis and so far no one  has been able to trump that... and of course that of my mom's.

Naati Koli Saaru

Neer Dosa

Akki Roti

Overall, I liked this for a quiet meal on a Sunday night. The service was quick, which meant I didn't have to keep junior occupied for too long before I could feed her. The place was pretty full by 8:30PM which is a good sign. Large amounts of parcels left Kukkare constantly showing that their home delivery is popular too. The loo was quite clean, though you have search for the light switch a bit. This meal came to Rs 700 for us which is really good for the area it is placed in.

Address: 478, NA Chambers 2, 80 ft road, 6th block, Koramangala, Bangalore

Phone: 41102032
Cuisine: Malnad
Wallet factor: Rs 700 for two
Parking: Hike it there if you live in the area or ask for blessing from the Gods of Parking!

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