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Friday, March 02, 2012Me! In words

Off late, we seem to be running into the same problem - we head out looking for one restaurant - miss it and then find something else instead. It happened to us three times in a row. In this case, we set out to find Road Trip, went around in a couple of circles and then decided to stop at Woodstok. They had a sizzler festival going on and I was in one of those heavy duty eating modes... and we got parking - didn't need a better excuse to stop.

We were ushered up to a nice little cove on the first floor. Just three sets of tables here before it went into an  open air seating. The air conditioning was on and with the heat going around, we were grateful. First off, something to cool us down - I had a Blue Lagoon (funny how anything with Blue Curacao ends up with this unimaginative name especially since it was sans the vodka), which was blue curacao, lemon and fizzy water - basically blue colored lemon soda. But it was cold and comforting. Sudhakar had the Go Green - which was a mint lemon soda. Now this had some minty flavor in it so was a better drink than mine. 

Blue Lagoon and Go Green

Where there is pork on the menu, it will end up on our table. You would think being Mangalorean I have had my fill - but the love for all food porcine prevails eternally. We ordered the Pork Tok - which was described as pork rubbed with Indo-American spices and roasted. Now I have no clue what Indo-American spices are but what came to the table was really yummy - the onions were still a bit crunchy and the pork a good mix of fat and meat - there were some bell peppers thrown in. The meat was not roasted to a crisp but just between chewy and succulent.

Pork Tok

Junior went on a pancake trip as soon as she saw a sketch on the menu that looked it. It came with two knobs of butter, but that was not enough for her. She batted her eyelids at the staff and soon she had another bowl of butter to go along with. These pancakes were rather thick, but had the same taste as when we make them at home. The butter got to junior in while though and she began to party on our sizzlers.

Pancakes with butter (though the option was syrup was there)

Since it was a sizzler festival - I went with Caramelized Onion and apple pork chop... yes pork again... I like my pork... so oink oink!!. What I really really liked with this sizzler was the caramelized onions - it was not the usual onions deep fried to a crisp or grilled along with the pork. These were actually sweet, probably cooked in sugar or equivalent till they reached this gooey, goldeny, transparent mass. With the pork and the grilled apples, the combination of tastes was fab.

Caramelized Onion and apple pork chop (the chutney like mass to t
he right is the caramelized onions)

Can you resist a description that says Bacon wrapped beef in pepper sauce with mashed potatoes. We didn't and this turned out to be Sudhakar's order. A fried egg with its yolk popped out formed an additional ring on the Saturn-styled dish. Beef, bacon and gravy... you can't go wrong and it didn't... Quite the filling plate and we ended up taking a bit home. 

Bacon wrapped beef in pepper sauce with mashed potatoes

And we decided to wrap up with the Woodstok Wonder - Almong and Chocolate pudding with a Vanilla bean sauce. The pudding was warm - cake like and with the cold vanilla bean sauce made for a great dessert.

Woodstok Wonder

We enjoyed our meal here. The service is pretty attentive and prompt. They had a regular menu available as well, which was interesting, but we stuck to the specials. Loos are clean. This meal came to around Rs 1300.

Address: #3777, Service Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Domlur, Bangalore
Phone: 42115042
Cuisine: Sizzlers, continental, european, serves alcohol
Wallet factor: Rs 1200 for two
Parking: Nothing exclusive, but you should be able to find something

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