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Monday, April 30, 2012Me! In words

It always happens to us that we never  hear of the places in our backyards till someone mentions it. Heard of Vindu recently on Foodies in Bangalore and decided to give it a shot. Didn't have too much trouble spotting it since it lies between Mainland China and Athityam both of which we had visited recently. This place is on the 2nd floor (or was it 3rd) of the building. We came here for two meals, because I wanted to sample both the Andhra vegetarian meals and the several other specialty dishes they had to offer. The first time round was for dinner. The place is done up decently, sofa and chair seating styles available and lighting was good enough to see what you had on the plate.

So this first time, we ordered Kodi Vepudu, or a Chicken fry in ground spices. In line with the perception on Andhra food, the chicken was rather spicy, but in a good way. I would never think of offering it to Anoushka though. But after a while, even the most hard core spice lover will need to take a break. 

Kodi Vepudu

At this meal we decided to have two different types of rice dishes and thought another chicken dish would be in order. The Kodi Roast came along and this one was not spicy as the other, and tasted real nice after the squeeze of lime. It did have a generous helping of ghee to help the taste along. You can't go wrong with that.
Kodi Roast

On our second visit, we had the Kodi 555, which the menu described as cooked in exotic Andhra masala. Not too sure on what the exotic was, but it was a more moist version of chicken 65. Distinctly south Indian style with the crisp curry leaves. The pieces of chicken though were soft, without being too hard and dry from being over cooked. The spice levels are deceptive initially, but they pack a wallop in a while.

Kodi 555
Anoushka has gone into stuffed kulcha mode these days and that is what she had the first time we went here. It was soft, nice, really stuffed and she asked for one more. Good enough testimony for me.

Stuffed Kulcha

For the main courses for dinner that day we opted to have one gravy with two different rices (I think I mentioned this earlier). The gravy was the mamsam pulusu or the Mutton gravy. Coconut based, surprisingly not spicy and good thing too coz one of the rices sure made up for it.

Mamsam Pulusu

The Arakaya Annam was my favorite of the two. It was a tad bit spicy but filled with cooked bits of green mango and was super yum. One of those little things to look forward to at lunch on a particularly bad day, if you are working in the vicinity or if the kids are driving you up the wall.

Arakaya Annam

We actually wanted another rice on the meny, which one I forget, but it was not available and the day's special was capsicum rice. This was nice and mild and the capsicum was ground into the masala, rather than have chunks of it added on.

Capsicum Annam (it was not fluorescent green you see here.
That is my camera at work) 

The other time we went there for lunch, Sudhakar opted for the Mamsam biryani. Spicy yes, but not like the Meghana Foods one. I would put it on par with that of Nagarjuna/Nandini. The taste was nice, the hunk of meat generous. As good a biryani as in any other Andhra joint.

Mamsam biryani

I decided to go in for a vegetarian meal that day and this one included all the regulars of a dal + greens, sambar, rasam, vegetable dry and gravy and a really nice chutney. Instead of buttermilk, they give you a sweet and bowl of curd. The rice is unlimited. There is an underlying note of spiciness in most of it, but it is a meal you will like.

The vegetarian meal

Sudhakar once had the Hawaiian mint from hell - coke+mint leaves+chilli and an olive + cherry in garnishing. Its not much of a combination to speak of. I had the spiced buttermilk twice - both times it was a little strong on the crushed garlic, would have preferred pepper maybe.

Hawaiian Mint from Hell

Spiced buttermilk

Overall Vindu is a nice family place though your taste buds will need some tempering to handle the spice here. I would suggest you ask everything to be toned down a bit for you, though how much that will work am not too sure. Each time, our meals did not cross the Rs 800 mark and the second time round it was lower. The loos are clean and the service fair enough.

Address: #310, 9th Main, 5th Main, Jayanagar,  Bangalore
Phone: 22442527
Cuisine: Andhra 
Wallet factor: Rs 800 for 2
Parking: Limited parking outside the building

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