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Viva Arriba

Monday, May 14, 2012Me! In words

And so we set out yet another weekend and after lot of head scratching decided on Viva Arriba. We have been doing lots of Indian restaurants off late and wanted something different, so a place that promised paella seemed to be just what we needed. Classified a Spanish pub, this place is in Indiranagar and nope I cannot hand out directions. I am directionally challenged and you will definitely not end up where you are meaning to with my instructions. The address below and Google Maps should help. Being a pub, I was a little skeptical about taking junior, but it was suggested to call in for reservations and we were told that it was alright. 

When we got there around 1PM, the place was empty and we had choice of seating. I liked the wood set-up, large floor to ceiling windows, the bar counter etc. TVs had on VH1 and we had the staff to ourselves. Still, for a place like this to be empty on a Saturday weekend was gnawing at the back of my mind. I shoved the thought into a dungeon and decide to give the place an honest try. 

The menu arrived and its was three photocopied sheets stapled together. Hmmm... ok, though it did not go with the ambiance, maybe substance over style was the theme here. Glancing through, the paella and the pizzas had 'coming soon' written next to them. We ask our steward whether this was an old menu and if the paella was available and he replied in the negative. We asked him how long the place had been open and he said over a month, but apparently the cook they wanted for these particular dishes was unavailable. Explains the "coming soon" sign of hope. 

We decided to go with a range of tapas and beer. They had pork and beef, though in three varieties only (probably makes sense if you plan to serve something as sensational as the descriptions). And so we decided to start with the Gambas Con Gabardina - Jumbo Prawns filled with cheese, pan fried and served with garlic aioli. The plate made for a nice photo, but with just 4 stuffed prawns (which is mentioned on the menu) for the price, we felt it was just crispy batter, prawn and a bottled dipping sauce. Nothing to remember expect the record speeds at which it got over. 

Gambas Con Gabardina

Wanted something like fries for the little one and so decided to go with Sweet potato wedges with saffron aioli. Again, simple hand cut chips of sweet potato and what we were served was no saffron aioli, it was another bottled mayo with really not even a hint of saffron. Again spectacular it was not, but junior mistook it for chicken fingers and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Sweet potato wedges with saffron aioli

Pork -  I actually wanted to try the Pigs on a Date - Bacon wrapped date with Green Apple but the husband convinced me instead to try the Chorizo with Bacon and roast garlic potato. Well, what came was exactly what was in the description. The good thing was that there was no skimping on the chorizo or bacon or potatoes for that matter. What marred the taste was the real grainy addition of dried herbs and crushed pepper. Things just kept going crackle-crackle in the mouth and brought this dish down to nothing to talk about as well.

Chorizo with Bacon and roast garlic potato

Still we continued and because the place offered wings in a range of sauces, we decided to have two versions - a mild one for junior and spicy one for us. And so Chicken wings in peri-peri sauce came for us and one in garlic-mozarella came for junior. I haven't tasted peri-peri anything before expect for maybe a flavoring for chips. Sudhakar had the Mac's fries with peri-peri and said in comparison these were a walk in the park. So that's about as much as I can give you an idea about them. The garlic and mozzarella is good if you have no tolerance for spice, love cheese and are ok with bland and boring after two bites. The only thing that stood out was that these were not skinny wings but well endowed ones.

Chicken wings with peri-peri sauce above
Below Chicken wings with garlic-mozarella

And since there was no paella, we settled for burger in a Spanish restaurant. And we decided on the house special - Viva Arriba burger that was slated to have crispy bacon, finest ground beef and Manchego cheese. This burger now was loaded, came with salsa and fries and was way above the stuff we had eaten so far. Not a patch at all on the burger offerings of say Plan B and Peppa Zzing, but at least you feel you get your money's worth with this one.

Viva Arriba burger

For a place that had just us on the ground floor and two sets of people go upstairs when we were there, the service was adequate, though to see them occupied with something hospitality related than being plastered to the TV would have been better. The funny thing about the loos was when I headed there with junior, the label clearly said "ladies" and suddenly a man opened the door. When I went it, the segregation was actually inside with two separate loos. They will need to get rid of the label on the outside or a lot of unsuspecting men will end up with really full bladders. The loos were squeaky clean. The bill crossed the Rs 2400 mark and I honestly did not get my money's worth here. I do hope they get that elusive chef of theirs because the place has everything going for it, except its food right now. 

Address: 3rd & 4th floor, 618, 12th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar,  Bangalore
Phone: 30412940 ext 377
Cuisine: Spanish/Tex Mex
Wallet factor: Rs 2000 for 2 including a pint of beer each
Parking: Nothing at all

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