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Monday, June 25, 2012Me! In words

Yet another one of those places that is close to home, yet we never really got around to visiting it. Aroy, it was one weekend. Again, a reiteration here, knowledge of Thai is close to nil, so everything here went on basis of presentation and taste. My only other experience of Thai has been a visit to Thailand when I was around 8 and sometime last year at Benjarong. One I don't remember and the other was nice. 

So Aroy has an al-fresco seating, which am guessing is quite nice in the evenings and an indoor airconditioned one. We chose the indoors and settled down as close to the AC as possible. It didn't really help. It was one of those standing devices which some how seemed to be cooling things a little above our heads. 

As we were looking through the menu, we were given a small starter in an interesting cone-covered plate. Don't really know what the mix was, but it had a bit of everything - sweet, sour, crunchy and spicy... very nice on the tongue. 

Anoushka (attn: Radhika) decided on the chicken corn soup. Can never understand what it is with these kids and sweet corn soup. Anyways, the soup was quite a bowlful, not as piping hot as normally soups are, but nice nevertheless. She did manage to get through most of it. 

Sweet corn chicken soup

For starters we went with the grilled lemon grass chicken with a raw papaya salad on the side. The chicken was boneless nice and tender and very lemony. I guess that is why I liked it a lot. Papaya is not one of my favorite fruits, nevertheless, the salad was quite nice on the side. The portions were just enough to whet the appetite for two.

Grilled lemon grass chicken with raw papaya salad

We went to the main course then - a black olive fried rice and chicken with cashewnuts and bell peppers. Yes, may be not the best of choices for a Thai experience, but both went really well together. The black olives gave the rice a nice little bitter-sour tang and the slight sweet-spiciness of the chicken gravy brought it all together. We were able to get through both with hardly anything left for a doggie bag.

Black Olive fried rice

Chicken with cashewnuts and bell peppers

Not too full from the meal we decided on having two desserts - the water chestnut rubies in coconut milk and the pumpkin custard. Sadly both just did not work. The water chestnut rubies were generous in quantity but tasted very bubble-wrappy in the very thin coconut milk. The fact that it was freezing cold helped a few bites go down, else I really preferred the Benjarong version over this one.

Water chestnut rubies

The pumpkin custard, though good on taste, was deceptively minuscule in the large dish that came. Three cuts of pumpkin with a small part of the center scooped out and filled with the custard. The presentation was too bulky, the custard minimal, though good and we really didn't feel like it came together as a dessert.

Pumpkin Custard

Overall, we liked Aroy - will definitely go back for an evening experience and perhaps order something a bit more Thai maybe next time round. The loo is clean. The bill came to around Rs 1700. The service is pleasant.

Address: #74, 15th main, 3rd Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore
Phone: 40939311
Cuisine: Thai
Wallet factor: Rs 1300 for 2
Parking: Some space out front and around

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