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Thursday, June 28, 2012Me! In words

Its been so long since I last posted some recipes, am sure most of you must be thinking that I am a dud in the kitchen. Most of our eating out is restricted to weekends, what with school and work and what not. During the week I do try to experiment with stuff, some of course successful others more like "World's worst cooking disasters". But through it all I have a great husband who never complains and honestly is very happy with just dal, rice and beans on a daily basis. I on the other hand need more variety and Anoushka of course is a typical 5 and half year old. All moms will know what I mean. Anyways, FinB had this weekly challenge going on a while ago, more of a virtual Iron Chef styled thingi. Two ingredients a week and you can use that to create whatever you want. Here they are... recipes on a link at the end.  

Basil and coriander - Seer Fish Hors d'oeuvre with lemon basil and coriander sauce

Orange and garlic - Boiled egg shells stuffed with an orange potato mash and spinach

Beetroot and fennel - Fennel crusted chicken with beetroot sauce

Tea and mushrooms - Mushroom caps stuffed with gherkins and served with a lemon tea dip (this also won a mushroom recipe contest on BBC Good Food Guide India)

Chicken and apple drumsticks

Basil and Rosemary Pork

Coffee Yogurt dessert

And here are the recipes

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