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Monday, June 11, 2012Me! In words

One weekend, the eternal question of where to go for lunch was quickly handled with some of the places from the list that we have. After all, at some point I need to tick off a few places from here as well right! So Tangra for some Indo-Chinese it was. We had been to Sofraah, the Indian restaurant on the same premises some time earlier. Pleasant experience, though I forgot to write down the names of the dishes and so now have to go purely on description for that one. Will put it up on the FB page some time soon. 

The name Tangra sounded a bit like a reference to a chicken masala to me and so turned to the source of my livelihood - Google, to switch on the torch light on this one for me. Turns out that Tangra is/was the name of a locality in Kolkata that traditionally housed a large number of Chinese immigrants who owned several tanneries. The food in this area was largely made the Hakka Chinese/Bengali influenced way. Am guessing this is where Tangra, the restaurant draws on its history.  The interiors are functional Oriental - a few Buddha statues, oriental motifs around and the customary framed images. 


To drink we had the Litchee Sparkle and a Watermelon something, if I am not wrong. Pretty nice tasting both of them. The usual suspects were also laid out on the table - chilli sauce, pickled veggies, vinegar sauce and made-in-morning kimchi. We ended up ordering two starters since junior insisted that the fried dimsums she saw was "what I always wanted!!". Hint - never listen to a 5 year old on matters related to ordering, you always end up with more than you can manage. So Kothe chicken and Smoked Lamb with Sesame is what we went with.

The usual suspects

The Kothe Chicken had a nice crisp casing on the outside and the inside was moist to the level of making you look like you are drooling at the mouth when you bit through. But the filling was nice, not overtly spiced and meant that we did not have a stingy chef manning the kitchen. The smoked lamb was not really smoked but was a nice chilli lamb version with spring onions, chilli flakes, mushrooms, carrots and spice thrown in. The quantities were quite substantial and we were borderline full by now. 

Kothe Chicken

Smoked Lamb with Sesame

Junior wanted noodles and we wanted rice - so chicken hakka noodles for her and a spicy crab meat rice for us is what we ordered for mains. Now funny part was that our steward seemed really well versed with the menu and mentioned that the spicy crab meat rice was not spicy and that the Hupak chicken gravy that we had ordered, going on the description too was bland. Nevertheless we thought of giving the fire brigade a break on the day and stuck with the order.

Chicken Hakka noodles

Spicy Crab meat rice

Hupak Chicken Gravy

The noodles and the rice were nicely done - about as good as any other place in the category. The Hupak Chicken we ordered mainly because we hadn't heard about it before. It was a white sauce based dish with chunks of chicken, chilli, green bell peppers and spring onions. There was a distinctive lemony tang to the dish and I am sucker for all this lemony. Made for a good combo. Since we were going all the way with the meal, dessert couldn't be left out and we had the Coconut roll with honey.

Warm rolls stuffed with a sugary coconut filling and with honey drizzled over. A nice way to end the meal.

Overall the service is decent, the place airy and good enough to bring in the family for a Chinese treat. This meal came inside the Rs 1100 mark and was quite worth it. The loos are clean.

Address: Eden Park #722/2, 36th cross, 10th A Main, 4th Block, Near Telephone Exchange, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone: 427772222
Cuisine: Indo-Chinese, Chinese
Wallet factor: Rs 1100 for 2
Parking: Some space out front, but you need to be lucky.

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