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Mr Soup and Mrs Salad

Monday, July 09, 2012Me! In words

There are those days when you want to eat out and keep it light - but then all the places that do have salads on offer, also have a range of stuff so tempting that you often end up doing exactly the opposite of what you set out to do. And so am guessing that a place like Mr. Soup and Mrs Salad is bound to work really well. Getting there is pretty simple - if you know where Plan B is, then this place is a next door neighbor. Else its at the beginning of Castle Street, a little down the road from Show Off and if you totally happen to miss it, you will reach Monkey Bar at the end of the lane. 

We were the first ones in for the day and all the lighting and air conditioning was turned on when we settled down. Its not a very big place, but all nice and green and very "healthy" looking. Menus tend to provide entertainment in some cases, and this was happened to be in that list (though am hoping they have all these issues ironed out by now). One big boo-boo was marking all the vegetarian soups/starters as non-veg. And some of the spellings were quite atrocious. Anyways... it has never been said that a chef needs to have good spelling to make good food (though it would help in impression building). We decided to go with the Cock-a Leeky soup for all three of us. 


The broth was a thin one - the chicken was diced and plonked in and thankfully had been cooked with the soup. The veggies were definitely added towards the end as they all retained their crunchiness despite being cut rather fine. The flavors were real nice and the Anoushka loved it, which always gets a +1 from me. But if I were to nit-pick, with a description like "Irish Chunky Soup" you would expect everything to be diced into thick bits making the soup more heavier on the look.

Chicken and Potato Salad

We next went in for a salad. I liked the description of peppers, chicken and potato in a mint mayo dressing. And that is exactly what came. Again, all the ingredients retained their crunchiness, making the salad feel really fresh. The mint mayo dressing had a nice balance of both elements, so even if you are having a heavy mayo, it did feel light on the tongue thanks to the mint. 

Now along with this we also decided to have something to drink - an Apple Pie Smoothie and a Death By Strawberry Smoothie. 

Death by Strawberry smoothie

The Death by Strawberry was the fruit, strawberry ice cream blended together and topped off with a chunks of a brownie - you can go in for the Death by Chocolate version as well. Very nice, especially on a hot afternoon. The thought of an Apple Pie in a drinkable form sounded very interesting and I wanted to see just how they would pull it off. It was a blend of apples that had been stewed in sugar and cinnamon, milk and a lovely butter apple crumble on top. Use the spoon, eat up all the crumble and then mix in the remaining bits into the drink and slurp up.

Apple Pie smoothie

For mains, I decided to try the Zondich, which was described as "pitta" bread stuffed with a range of things. I went in for the chicken meat ball zondich and Sudhakar had the Sundried tomato pasta with grilled chicken.

Chicken meatball Zondich

The Zondich was a nice pocket stuffed with diced up chicken meatballs, some lettuce and all the trappings of a simple green salad. That and the chips on the side just hit the spot. The pasta on the other hand was a real disappointment. It was quite dry and honestly the quality did not justify the price, which was significantly higher than anything else on the menu.

Pasta sundried tomatoes with grilled chicken

We asked the staff for a plain slice of pita bread with some cheese on it for the little one. What they got for us instead was a nice grilled cheese sandwich and chips, which made the little one very happy. That was another +1 from me for coming up with a simple something that was not on the menu.

Simple cheese sandwich 

Another time Sudhakar visited with colleagues and they ended their meal with a Mississippi Mud Salad which was crumbled cookies topped off with ice cream and chocolate sauce. A nice way to end the meal on a sweet note. 

Mississippi Mud Salad

Service is nice here and the staff really work at trying to get you something you like. There are puzzles and pencils to do them with at the table. A variety is present at every table so you won't end up fighting. The bill for this meal came to around Rs 500 which is very reasonable I would say. The loo they have is also clean.

Address: #17, Castle Street, Next to Plan B, Ashok Nagar, Off Brigade Road, Bangalore
Phone: 4099165
Cuisine: Continental, Soups, Salads
Wallet factor: Rs 500 for 2
Parking: None at all. Bike would be a safer bet

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