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Egg Factory - JP Nagar

Friday, August 24, 2012Me! In words

We have always loved Egg Factory on St Mark's Road - sure we cribbed about the traffic, the lack of parking space and the sometimes serpentine lines to find a seat... but the fact that we braved all of it, not once, but several times meant that it struck all the right chords. Its been a while now since we went to the St Mark's outlet - blame it on lack of time and wanting to try out new places. So when the JP Nagar outlet of Egg Factory opened up, it took care of two things - a new place to try and lesser time in travelling for a good bite. 

We found our way to the JP Nagar outlet one afternoon for lunch. Unfortunately, here too parking is a bit difficult, but we found some behind the outlet. Bikes stand a better chance though. When you step up, you see a nice semi-open air seating arrangement on two levels and a regular space on the inside. If you have seen Egg Factory - St Mark's road, then the decor is a CTRL C / CTRL V. So is the manual styled menu. We settled on the higher level benches on the outside and got down to business. 

Pink Lady and I love apple

First order of the day was to get something to drink - Pink Lady and I Love Apple it was. Both are drinks we have had before and they tasted great. The apple one has a nice not-too-pulpy texture to it and honestly they both didn't last through the meal like they were supposed to. On earlier visits to Egg Factory we were always in groups. We used to order multiple dishes and share it so that we taste and get to order a lot more. Though we were just three of us here, we kind of went the same way again.


We started with the Parsi Akoorie - Scrambled eggs, Parsi style. Almost all dishes here come with a side of toasted bread/garlic bread, butter, sauce etc as applicable. And so a generous portion of the scramble, and two slices came along. It didn't have that watery base that sometimes tends to gather on a plate when eggs are scrambled. Loved the bite of green chilli as well.

Eggs and mushroom ragout penne

Anoushka decided on a white sauce pasta and for her we got the Eggs and Mushroom Ragout Penne. Really Really creamy, the sauce was laid on thick, yet had not dried up as some white sauces tend to do. It was a nice balance of cheese and sauce with lots of mushroom and egg. The dish was really heavy despite which little one managed to demolish a good portion of it. And if it worked well for her, it works good for me too.

Fajitas with bell peppers, mushrooms, eggs, tomatoes

Sudhakar had the Fajitas with bell peppers, mushrooms, eggs, tomatoes. I personally loved the deconstructed way it was served. Allowed us to put it together the way we wanted it. the sour cream was thick and yum and the salsa tangy. The egg and the red bell peppers was of course the highlight.

Huevos Supremo

I wanted to have the Mexican Huevos Supremo. Nice thick omelette stuffed with... I honestly don't remember, but whatever it was, it had a crunch, spice, tanginess and in the brown sauce with the garlic bread made for some real comforting food. 

Roasted Chilli Frittata

There was space for just a small bit more and the Roasted Chilli Frittata it was. The chillis were deseeded am guessing and then roasted. Am saying this because most of the green you see there is chilli and it did not bring any fire engines clanging to Egg Factory. It was spicy yes, but not so much so. And since I am one of those who would rather end on spice than sweet, it worked well.

Caramel Custard

But then, we just had to have some sweet right and so a caramel custard, Sudhakar's eternal favorite and a Strawberry cheesecake it was. Both just the right portions and sweetness.

Strawberry cheesecake

Visiting the JP Nagar outlet was like being at the St Mark's one... the ambiance, the food, et al is a mirror image. The only small grouse I had was that all of our dishes were brought in together. So we had a table full of food some of which went a bit cold by the time we got to it. May be pacing out orders or asking how we would like the orders to come it might help. This meal for the three of us came to Rs 3 shy of Rs 1000. The loo is clean.

Address: Ground Floor, #288, 15th Cross, 18th Main, 5th Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore
Phone: 40124848
Cuisine: All things Egg'quisite'
Wallet factor: Rs 800 for 2
Parking: Nope... sheer desire for good food should be your inspiration

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