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India On My Plate - Andhra Pradesh

Tuesday, August 28, 2012Me! In words

Now this is something new on the cooking front that I plan to showcase. I generally get into a rut when it comes to cooking and end up making the same things over and over again. Of course with the exotic/special cooking there is never a dearth of ideas, but for everyday khana, I just end up with a blank wall. And so for inspiration, I decided to try my hand at cooking regular dishes from each of the states of India. 

Here is how I plan to do it. I have listed out all the states of India. For each of them I try to look at broad classifications. Like for Andhra Pradesh, I found that I could categorize as Andhra, Telangana, Rayalseema and Hyderabadi styles. I then look for dishes that use ingredients we are used to and maybe not so used to but would not hesitate in trying. I look up various blogs/sites and narrow down on a collection of recipes. I give each of these a shot, with some twists of my own if I feel the need. And Voila! I have experimented and I now know a little more about the cooking of a state. 

I am in no way trying to be comprehensive or even perfectly accurate. My research is not really in-depth, but more a fun exercise. At the end of this showcase on Andhra is a link that will give you the recipes. Each of them has a link to the original recipe I used online. Its only right that I acknowledge where I got these from. Am quite kicked about this whole cooking adventure... 

State Andhra Pradesh
Style: Andhra

Pesarattu with onion chutney

Spinach parappu and Andhra Kodi Vepudu

Gutti Vankaaya Kura

Beerakaya Tomato Kura

 Dondakaya Annam

Nimakaya rasam

Kodi Koora (sorry! too hungry to get a better photo)

Bhendekaya Masala

Mutton pulusu


Menthukura Kudumulu

Pappu Charu (particularly loved this, made it many times over)


Gongurra Mamsam


I did not want to go with the regular biryanis and heavy kebabs. Been there, done that. That's why I decided to go with a few things I hadn't given a shot. 


Mirchi Ka Salan

Mauz Ka Meetha


And here is the link to the recipes - Andhra Recipes. Next I will be working on Assam. Any recipes you would like to share would be most welcome. 

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