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Tuesday, September 25, 2012Me! In words

There is no escaping the online world of opinions. The minute you want to try something new, you head out online to see what the world has said about it and then make a choice on whether you want to try it or not... Nandos went both ways online and we finally decided to make our on decision on it and headed that way on  a weekend. The restaurant is on the perpetually crowded Church Street and we were feeling pretty lucky that day and wanted to wing it as far as parking was concerned, but when I saw the valet parking board outside the restaurant, I let out of whoopie of joy!

And so with the parking hassle totally out of the way, we stepped in to some nice interiors and got ourselves one of the curved sofa seating set-ups to settle on. On the table were the four basic variations of the famed peri-peri sauce which you can sample to help you decide how you would like your chicken. Its chicken all the way here - every section of the menu does have a decent selection for the vegetarians as well.

The inside of Nandos

First things first in every restaurant is what can Anoushka eat, and I was very happy to see a kiddie menu - we ordered a chicken strips meal for her with the mildest of peri-peri sauces - lemon garlic. I liked the fact that the meal came with freshly cut fruits, a glass of packaged juice and fries. It took Anoushka a while but she did pack away most of it.

Chicken strips kiddie meal in lemon garlic sauce

We went in for a Portuguese platter called the Petsico which came with mini thighs and wings with a peri-naise sauce and with a peri-peri based hummus. There was an ample number of pita bread to help make our own combinations. We went for the medium range spicy version of the peri-peri sauce. It took us some time to get through the platter, but get through it we did.

The Portuguese Petsico platter

And then we got ambitious and ordered the Platter for Two and asked them to take the heat of the sauce up a couple of notches. This came with two jumbo sized thigh/leg combinations, a light green salad with simple dressing, potato wedges and chicken liver if my memory and this picture serves me right. On the side was also a serving of bolo bread and herbed butter.

Ok, so this took us a longer time and a soft drink or two more to finish off... the quantity was enough to give even appetites likes ours stiff competition. But am glad to say that we did a good job and though we never like to leave without dessert, this was one time we did. We did not want buttons and belt buckles popping in public.

Overally we really liked our meal here. The variety in the peri-peri sauce and the number of ways every platter can help you customize the loads of chicken you have on it also helps. The loo is on the first floor and so if you have restaurant loo lovers like my little one, you will want to be seated upstairs. This meal came to a Rs 1590 and was worth it.

Address: 1A Church Street, Opposite Nokia Showroom, Off Brigade road,  Bangalore
Phone: 25550707
Cuisine: Portuguese
Wallet factor: Rs 1100 for 2
Parking: Valet!!

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