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Red Fork

Monday, September 10, 2012Me! In words

This was one of those lucky weekends when we actually knew where we wanted to go before we got out of the house. We drove straight up to Red Fork on this particular Sunday. We had the choice of the open air seating on the outside or the closed inside... Anoushka decided for us that it would be the inside. Seated bang opposite the board on which the menu comes up, we did not take too long to decide what we wanted. 

The board with the menu

Cold coffee, 2 beers and an apple juice for Anoushka

Sudhakar and I decided to go in for beers. Our friend had the cold coffee and then miracle of miracles. When Zarine suggested that Anoushka could have some apple juice, she actually agreed. For those of you who know Anoushka, you will know that soft drinks or juices of any kind don't go down at all with her. She did start on apple juice but it was always a sip here and there. When this little glass of juice was placed before her, she actually downed the entire glass. And Red Fork will go down in history for us as the place that Anoushka had her first juice in a restaurant. 

Fresh chilli calamari with coriander aioli

Since Anoushka is now on her calamari phase, we decided to go with the Fresh chilli calamari with coriander aioli. Lovely little curls of calamari crumb coated and fried with these lovely thin slender slices of chilli (not too sure which one). Combine all on your fork and you get this nice hit of crunch and spice which was a great starter. Of course little one had it without the chillis. 

Mini Moroccan burgers

Straight into the mains we headed and Sudhakar decided to go in for the Mini Moroccan burgers. They came on a wooden platter. A nice yummy moist patty sandwiched in square cut, am guessing in-house made buns. But mini they were and Sudhakar had to order something else, this was after all our brunch that day. He ordered the Grilled Lamb Chops with Herb Roasted Potatoes and Quinoa. I have no clue where the photo went, but it was fabulous to say the least. The meat was tender and the entire combination was really nice. 

Garlic Prawn Fettuccine 

I decided to go in for the much talked about Garlic Prawn Fettuccine and now I know what everyone is talking about. Here is a dish that is literally light and fresh... the prawns with their little tails still on were moist and had a great bite.  Torn fresh basil in the garnish adds to the freshness and every bite was seriously on the mark. A lovely dish and one I would love to learn and make myself... but then, when it is done so well already, why bother... just have to head to Red Fork.

Fish and chips

Anoushka had the fish and chips, which came with a mayo and a slice of lime.. Both, the pieces of fish and the hand cut chips were in a paper cone, adding a nice touch. The batter fried fish had a thin, yet crispy coating and Anoushka managed to get through most of it.

Grilled chicken breast with chermoula and mushroom mash 

Our friend had the Grilled chicken breast with chermoula and mushroom mash - the chicken breast was a good size and nicely grilled. It was the chermoula that added the zing to the entire dish and the mash that added the balance to it. A really nice one that we were sad to see get over.

Caramel Custard

For desserts we had the the caramel custard and lemon cheesecake. Both really nice ways to end the meal.

Lemon Cheesecake 

Overall, we loved the idea of the blackboard menu and I think what really works here is the personal service. Besides Zarine manning the floors, we were constantly checked on and not in an intrusive way. And the fact that Anoushka had a her first full glass of juice here made us really really happy parents. Did not get a chance to check out the loo here, but am guessing its in good condition. This meal came close around Rs 2000 approximately, well worth it.

Address: 594, 12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar Bangalore
Phone: 41154372
Cuisine: Blackboard menu and a nice international mix
Wallet factor: Rs 1300 for 2
Parking: Nothing exclusive, and can be found across the road. 

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