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Soul Kadhi

Friday, September 28, 2012Me! In words

Sometimes a place will be on your list for a long time and you just never seem to be able to get there. But then one day the stars align and everything falls in place. That's what happened with Soul Kadhi - we got up that weekend feeling like some good Indian khaana. The restaurant is placed in quite a tight spot, so husband dropped me off to complete some errands while he looked for some parking space which he got a little away. Work done, we headed to the restaurant, only to see a small board announcing that there was valet parking. 

Soul Kadhi is placed on the first floor, of the same space that has the Bat and Ball Inn and UTMT. Smart and minimalistic Indian decor make up the space. And if you are like me who feels cold in an AC room really fast, then you may want to take a shawl with you. The space has wide windows letting in a lot of natural light. 

Coming in from the heat outside, we wanted something cold to start with - so a Masala Chaas and Nimbu Paani found its way to the table. The tadka for the masala chaas was nice without the spice being overwhelming - just the right amount of chilli and coriander. And of course nothing to be beat a nice cold nimbu paani on a hot day. 

Masala Chaas and Nimbu Paani

The accompaniments on the table

For our starters we went in for the Pind Baluchi Tikka and the Chutney Aloo... the chutney aloo being a hangover effect we have from Sahib Sindh Sultan's Zamindari Achaari Aloo which we absolutely love ... we tend to order a version of it in every such Indian restaurant. The Pind Baluchi Tikka was a marinated mutton one and really nice. Its one of those that has the marination still a bit moist after the cooking and one where the taste tends to linger on. And the chutney aloo too had a nice twang to the taste - I guess that's what comes from classic combinations of yogurt, coriander and mint marinations. They can be unbeatable at times.

Pind Baluchi Tikka

Chutney Aloo

For our mains we had the Khatte pyaaz ki Murgh with garlic naan - the thought of those little pickled onions in a chicken gravy sounded really yum. And the dish did not disappoint. The gravy was thick, with the oil being just enough for you to feel good about indulging and the little onions do their magic.

Khatte Pyaaz Ki Murgh

Garlic Naan

We were going all the way here and Ghosht biryani was next. The staff bring across a flour covered earthern pot and crack it open in front of you allowing all the nice aroma to whet appetites around you. The biryani is light and not the version that sits heavy on the tummy for hours later. The rice is fluffy, the aromatics used linger through and the meat nice and tender and generous in size.

Ghosht Biryani

And you cannot leave without something sweet and so the Mala Kulfi it was - good thing we ordered just one of it because this one is heavy duty - gives you the brain freeze you tend to love with a kulfi and the generous crunch dry fruits around the edges gives you a mouthful to chomp down on.

Malai Kulfi

Overall, totally enjoyed this meal and found it absolutely value for money. The service is good and the meal is presented at a good pace. This meal came to around Rs 1350. The loo is clean.

Address: 3, Laurel Lane, Richmond Town,  Bangalore
Phone: 22111112
Cuisine: North Indian
Wallet factor: Rs 1100 for 2
Parking: Valet!!

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