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Bangalore Bistro - Cunningham Road

Monday, December 03, 2012Me! In words

I have said it over and over again, on my FB page and on the blog, that Bangalore Bistro is an all-time favorite. They have done changed locations often enough from Cunningham Road to Brigade and now back to Cunningham road now. We were introduced to the place on Brigade Road by a friend when we had a mini-class reunion a while ago and we have been there numerous times after. 

Its been close to a year since we visited and wanted to make the visit when their Cunningham road venue opened up (this is not the same as their original location, and is in the same building that houses Xtreme Sports). It still maintains that blue and white facade - has an outdoor and in-door seating. They have a mix of cushioned and tessarae seating giving you a choice in that as well. 

The interiors from where we were sitting

One look at the menu told us that there were a few additions to it. We tried to order all that was new to see how each dish would fare. We started with the squid rings for Anoushka, since her obsession with it continues. For us, we ordered the Balls of Delight. These were minced meat balls, in a slightly oriental sauce, but not something that would make you classify it as being a chinese dish. I started off feeling that the dish was spicy and Sudhakar totally disagreed with me. And came to see a few bites later that he was right. I guess, my drink, which was a sweet mocktail did that to me. 

Balls of Delight

The squid rings were finely sliced and the batter thin and crisp. The aioli served with it was creamy. Anoushka made her whole meal of this. I know I would have.

Squid rings

For our drinks, Sudhakar had a beer and I had a Pink Passion - strawberry and orange based. Can't complain about the beer, you know what you are getting there and the mocktail was nice. 

Beer and Pink Passion

For main course, I was in "meat" mode and went in for the Smoked Steak. Three neat roundels of beef and yes I was asked how I would like my steak done and I got it a great medium rare. But what I particularly loved was that the staff actually remembered that I don't liked too much of freshly ground pepper on my food and came back to confirm that they should stick to that for the accompanying mushroom sauce. Now this after not visiting for more than a year. That is called service I say!

Smoked Steak

Sudhakar had the roasted chicken pasta - it was a chunky sauce that covered the pasta. Light and spot on in taste.

Roasted chicken pasta

There were new desserts apart from their heavenly cheesecakes which we normally order. This time we had the tiramisu cake and the chocolate cake, both served with ice-cream. Sudhakar was in raptures when he was having the tiramisu and Anoushka kept coming back for more with the chocolate cake. That is testimony enough. The chocolate cake which looked absolutely sinful, tasted light on the chocolate and you do not end up with that cloying chocolaty feeling all over. It was yumm...

Tiramisu as a cake

Chocolate cake

Am glad we decided to go back to our favorite place and they gave us no reason to oust them from that position. New place, new additions to the menu, all done brilliantly and with valet parking to boot will make this place a hit naturally. They also have a bar menu now, so yipppee on that. This meal came to around
Rs 2500. Did not get a chance to check out the loo, but it has always been spotless so do not doubt that here.

Address: 37/2, Opposite Sigma Mall, Cunningham Road, Bangalore. 
Phone: 22201616
Cuisine: Meditereanean, European
Wallet factor: Rs 2000 for two 
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Valet

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