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This time - Across my Table features Chef Antonio who hails from Italy’s cultural capital Milan and brings to the city a myriad of flavours from across the different provinces of Italy.  Chef dé Cuisine, Chef Antonio is passionate about promoting authentic Italian delicacies across the globe. He specializes in Italian cuisine and loves to spin a twist to age-old recipes to increase contemporary appeal.

Chef Antonio Lotito heads the Italian restaurant at Mövenpick Resort & Residences, Aqaba, Jordan. He is currently visiting as a guest chef for the Italian Food Festival - Amore Italiano.  I managed to get a small interview with him - the highlight of which is a 5-course Italian menu that he would personally serve if he were entertaining guests. Read on....

Chef Antonio Lotito, Guest Chef, Moevenpick Hotel & Spa, Bangalore

In your travels as chef, do you find people are more appreciative of Italian food that is authentic or which comes with a contemporary twist?
Chef Antonio: I believe the essence of Italian cuisine is its simplicity. Recently, I came across a Paneer tikka pizza, which is so popular in India. This contemporary spin to the age-old pizza is very popular here.

Brodetto - Pic for representation, click here for original link
It happens to most cuisines, where only a small part becomes popular, in the case of Italian, its pastas and pizzas – what is the one part about Italian cuisine that you would want people to know more about.
Chef Antonio: I think that Lasagne or Fettuccine Alfredo is very common across the USA without forgetting the Pizza that is made all around the world in many different ways.  I personally would like people to know more about Italian sea food.

Herbed infused olive oil - Pic for representation, click here for original link

What would you like us to know about the cuisine of Milan your home – what are the popular dishes, ingredients, styles of cooking, anything you feel more people should know.
Chef Antonio: In Italy, your passion for cooking that is reflected in your dish. I like to use fresh herbs like basil, rosemary and sage in my cooking. Olive oil is vital in Italian cooking and has large health benefits.

What dishes would you lay out if you were entertaining guests at your home. A detailed menu perhaps…
Chef Antonio: I would like to design a 5-course menu with the following-

All images are just for representation and may not show the dish the way the chef has perceived it. 


           Pic for representation. Click for original link
Crema di pomodoro alla Toscana
Tomato soup with a touch of cream, fresh basil, 
olive oil and garlic croutons of bread “Tuscany” style

          Pic for representation. Click for original link
Tonno pepato alla griglia con peperoni
Peppered grilled tuna steak with marinated sweet and sour
 bell pepper, shallots and potatoes

Pic for representation. Click for original link
Verdure Miste alla Griglia
Mixed Grilled Vegetables with Garlic, olive oil and fresh chopped parsley

Main course
Pic for representation. Click for original link
Petto di pollo Farcito
Stuffed chicken breast with mushroom, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella cheese
on potatoes puree and baby beans in sage sauce
Pic for representation. Click for original link
Scaloppine di Vitello ai funghi Porcini
Veal Tenderloin Medallions served with Porcini Mushrooms
Sauce Red Beet and Rosemary Potatoes


Pic for representation. Click for original link
Gnocchetti freschi di patate con salsa al gorgonzola e noci.
Fresh homemade potatoes dumpling served with 
gorgonzola cheese sauce and walnuts.

Pic for representation. Click for original link
Cioccolatissimo  con gelato alle noci
Chocolate soufflé with walnuts ice cream and caramel sauce.

Pic for representation. Click for original link
Sorbetto al Frutto Della Passione
Passion Fruit Sorbet

Describe your signature dishes and what it is that inspired you to create it.
Chef Antonio: I have received innumerable compliments for-Black Ink Seafood Stuffed Raviolis, Pizza Vecchia Milano and Roasted Lamb Leg.

Chef Antonio Lotito will be at the helm of the Italian Food Festival - Amore Italiano at Moevepick Hotel from the 2nd to 14th of December. 

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