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Christmas Feast at the Red Fork

Monday, December 31, 2012Me! In words

Its here... the last post for 2012 and how fast this journey of 12 months has been. I am in the process of planning my little one's 6th birthday and it feels like just yesterday I was doing the same for her 5th. For all the festivals that we celebrated this year, I decided to do all the festive cooking at home - from Onam to Diwali, to Ganesh Chaturthi, St Mary's Feast, Eid and finally Christmas... its been a huge journey of cooking and learning and am so happy with the way each of those meals turned out. 

But all said and done, there are some times you just want to hang up the apron and take in what the city has to offer you. And this time for Christmas, Red Fork in Indiranagar had suckling pig roasted on a open spit right on the premises for all to see. Now can you pass up a chance like that...

We made our bookings via Poshvine at Rs 1500 a person and waited in anticipation for the 29th of December (which incidentally happened to be my little one's birthday). When we got there, the little pigling was sizzling away on the charcoal spit. It was mounted at around 5AM that day and was well on its way to making a delicious entry onto our tables. 

Piggy on the spit

Up close with the little oink

The meal began with the classic egg nogg, which honestly was a first time for me and again a little of an acquired taste. It was nice, creamy and the shot of brandy helped, but in the end, I needed a little egging to finish it up.

Egg Nogg

This was followed by a platter of house baked breads - whole grain bread, bread sticks and rolls. This was served with herbed butter on one side and onion butter on the other. Herbed olive oil and chilli olive oil accompanied the platter as well. You know the breads are fresh and lovely to dig into with the olive oils and butters when your platter is wiped clean in a few minutes. That's what happened to ours... As usual, Anoushka decided to make most of her meal of this platter.

Appetizers came in next and we had smoked salmon on crostini... Very pretty on the plate and very nice on the palate. The crostinis were nice and crisp and made for two full mouthfuls. The salmon was not sliced stingily and with the little tangy toppings made for a nice starter.

Smoked salmon on crostinis

The other starter potato croquettes with the little tamarind glaze on top. The croquettes were neatly shaped and the cover was really crisp. The stuffing was ample, steaming hot and when you bit into the center with a bit of that glaze, it gave you this nice hot, sour potatoey sensation in the mouth.

Potato croquettes

Roasted Duck with orange liqueur was the first of the two main courses. This was served with a sweet potato mash on the side and pickled red cabbage. The portions were ample for each of us, already stuffed from the appetizers; but that did not deter us from making a significant dent in this one. The only thing I found was that the duck was a little too tough and needed some serious hacking with the knife. The sides, especially the pickled red cabbage went really well with the duck. The orange liqueur sauce gave it that superb kick of tanginess.

Roasted duck with orange liqueur sauce served with sweet mashed potato
and pickled red cabbage

The orange liqueur sauce being poured on

The second course was of course the suckling pig, lovely juicy thick slices were served with a tangy tamarind apple sauce, with garlicky greens on one side. There was also a green salad that helped balance out the main dish. The pork was brilliantly juicy and the staff had taken to add on some of the juices that the pork naturally released when on the spit.

Spit roasted pork with garlicky greens, salad and a tamarind apple sauce

Of course this massive meal had to come to an end on a sweet note and it was with a generous christmas pudding with a vanilla bean and nut semifreddo. The pudding in itself was really really rich and I could just about get through half of it. I would however have liked it a little more warm to go better with the semi-freddo which was a great accompaniment.

Christmas pudding with vanilla semi-freddo

And finally, thank you Zarine for making my little one a very happy baby with a chocolate cake for her birthday. She made it a point to have it served to some of her friends who came how in the evening that day to wish her. 

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